Every human life has value.

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Here are a few of the thoughts/reactions to the Republican National Convention that I shared via Facebook and Twitter this week. 1. Not surprisingly, Rick Santorum did the best job of addressing the sanctity of all human life: Four and a half years ago I stood over a hospital isolette staring at the tiny hands […]

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Sick of 24 hr. hurricane coverage and the Republican National Convention (already)? Still having withdrawals from the ending of the 2012 summer Olympics? Well, the Paralympic Games started today. You can watch the opening ceremony and parade of nations live online right now: But, who says you can’t be just as active and athletic with […]

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This poster is brilliant and echoes something I’ve said on this blog many times: All abortion is equally abhorrent and offensive to humanity. It targets one segment of society, the unborn, and deems it worthy of life only at the behest of another segment. “Eugenic” abortion, however, goes one step further and takes a class […]

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Well, this seems like a good way to ease back into blogging after taking an unannounced week off. Happy Monday, everyone!

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One of those little black balls of fluff is a newborn Coco Kitty in May of 1993(with sweet, sweet momma Cassie Cat): Loot at the precious!: And here she is all grown up just a few short months ago: After 19 years, it’s hard to believe that she’s really gone. Though stuffed full of boxes, […]

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Kindly requesting your prayers, gentle readers. It’s looking more and more like my precious Coco kitty is at the end of her life – and I am NOT ready to deal with this (I know, who is, right?). It’s hard to tell how close she is. She’s still eating and walking around, but she’s definitely […]

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Oh, snap. Former Komen for the Cure VP Karen Handel has landed a book deal. The title? Yes. That about sums it up. For those of you who don’t know, earlier this year, Komen adopted new grant criteria that effectively ended its financial support for Planned Parenthood. The move made complete sense since, on top […]

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In her totally unbiased live report on the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate last weekend, MSNBC’s White House Spokesperson Correspondent Andrea Mitchell said: “I think you’re going to see that they (have) decided that this is a base election. This is not a pick for suburban moms. This is not a […]

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The International Down Syndrome Coalition makes some excellent posters. Came across this one today: I repeat: Prenatal testing itself is not the problem, abortion and how we view the lives of children with disabilities is.

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Is it bad that, upon hearing about the Ryan pick yesterday, this was my first reaction (via Facebook): Haha! All I know about Paul Ryan is that after he gave the GOP response to one of the President’s SOTU addresses all I could think was, “I’m sorry, I was a little too distracted by how […]

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