Every human life has value.

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This afternoon I’ll be live on Catholic radio in Lexington, KY to talk about why biotechnology is a women’s issue. Pay attention, ladies! Porn isn’t the only industry commodifying women. Tune in at 5pm EST: http://www.realliferadio.com/ Every show Mike asks a “question of the day.” Today’s question is: In general, do you think women are […]

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R.I.P. Crash Monster (1999-2013) Like most people, I’m sure, I had hoped that my dog would die comfortably and peacefully with me at home. But he had other plans. As long as he didn’t appear to be suffering terribly, I kept putting off bringing him in to have him put down. But, no matter how […]

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It’s starting to become pretty clear that my beloved Crash monster probably will not be with me much longer. Longtime readers will recall that Crash was a gift to me from some dear neighbors after the car accident that paralyzed me. Which makes this old man 14 years old this year. Not a bad run, […]

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My baby sister is having a baby! It seems like only yesterday… Throwback Thursday: me and my baby-baby sister 24 years ago. But, she really is pregnant — 15 weeks or so. Unaware of the sex, we’ve all just been referring to the little one as “Peanut”…until now. Usually the sex is not determinable until […]

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So, this week the Catholic Church gets a new pope…and Catholic Lane gets a new editor-in-chief — yours truly! As you may recall, I have been as associate editor at Catholic Lane for the past year and a half or so, managing the Life Issues and Bioethics section. Sadly, my former editor-in-chief — and CL […]

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Here he is again. This silly, stinky pup has been the one and only man in my life for the past thirteen years (God, give me a few more, at least!)…with one exception. February 14, 2001: My Papal Valentine What can I say? It was love at first sight. JP II, I love you! Previous […]

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Regretably, things have been pretty quiet on the blog this week. That’s because… 1. On Monday I had half of my wisdom teeth pulled. Is it just me or is this always such an incredibly unpleasant sight: Haven’t had to use prescription pain meds since Monday, but my mouth is still pretty sore…and a little […]

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One of those little black balls of fluff is a newborn Coco Kitty in May of 1993(with sweet, sweet momma Cassie Cat): Loot at the precious!: And here she is all grown up just a few short months ago: After 19 years, it’s hard to believe that she’s really gone. Though stuffed full of boxes, […]

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Not that I thought this was going to be a piece of cake, but, wow. I was not planning on taking an entire week off blogging, but I just haven’t had much time to sit down long enough to do any significant writing or even a short blog post in the past week. I arrived […]

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My, but you are a curious bunch! Hello and welcome!! I knew I would get a bounce when Jen generously gave me a shout-out on her blog the other day, but, I just checked my stats and…WOW! You guys far exceeded my expectations! Seriously, this is the biggest bounce in views I’ve seen here since […]

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