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I recently got to spend almost a whole week with my nephew (aka the cutest baby on the planet) in Cancun for my baby sister’s wedding. Here is some of the cuteness for your viewing pleasure. Click each image to enlarge. Thanksgiving day on the beach with the cutest cabana boy in Cancun. Three ZimmerWomen […]

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I don’t know about you, but it’s been hard for me to see the images coming out of my former home state of Missouri this week. People often say that it’s not fair to bring a child into such a cruel world, but as Unilever reminded a few expectant parents, there has never been a […]

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Dear readers, please accept these photos of the cutest little baby Gator you’ve ever seen in your life, as a consolation for failing to publish any of the three or four posts I started this week (and to celebrate the start of college football!). I will try to do better next week! This was me […]

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All’s quiet on the blogging front because my sister and nephew are visiting for a few days. So, all you may get this week is a little cute screaming nephew blogging. Cruz is six months old now — and a riot! Cruz, the Scream Machine from Chelsea Zimmerman on Vimeo. Beach day with my beach […]

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Cute baby blogging is one of my favorite things to do here. So much of what I post is not very uplifting, to say the least, so a cute baby face is a nice palate cleanser. More than that, though, I see new life as new hope for a better and brighter future. Even when […]

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Well, it only took two and a half months, but yesterday I finally got to meet my new nephew! My sister and her fiancé got in yesterday morning and this is pretty much how I spent the entire day. And it was heaven. Smiles! He’s got this Florida thing down! Life’s rough. Those toes!! #omnomnom […]

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Say hello to my little nephew, Cruz Alexander Underwood! Born January 14 at 12:49 am. He’s 7 lb. 5 oz. of absolute perfection! I couldn’t be more proud of my baby sister. Can’t wait to see this little guy in person and smother him with auntie kisses. People often say that it’s not fair to […]

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My baby sister is having a baby! It seems like only yesterday… Throwback Thursday: me and my baby-baby sister 24 years ago. But, she really is pregnant — 15 weeks or so. Unaware of the sex, we’ve all just been referring to the little one as “Peanut”…until now. Usually the sex is not determinable until […]

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As I watched the royal couple emerge from the hospital with their still nameless one-day-old baby boy bundled to the hilt, I was wondering if anyone was going to be able to get a clear picture of the new heir to the British throne. Sure enough: (source) (source) (source) Say what you want about the […]

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Ermahgerd! I don’t know which one’s more precious…and awesome, this little baby McCartney wannabe or the Zeppelin lovin’ baby I posted a few years ago. Oh, you glorious internet.

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