I am a monthly guest on a wonderful local Catholic radio show. The Mike Allen Show airs Mon-Fri, 6-8am ET on Breadbox Media. Listen to some of my appearances on the show below and, if you’re a fan of Catholic radio, please consider downloading the Breadbox Media app (Apple, Android) for programming from some of your favorite online Catholic personalities.

On the bioethical complexities of transhumanism and performance enhancing drugs:

On end-of-life ethics in light of an old Star Trek TNG episode. Also, lessons about suffering from the Little Flower:

On our culture’s love/hate relationship with babies. Also, is Captain James T. Kirk captive to the culture of death? And what does Pope Francis mean by an “ecumenism of blood?” This was one of my favorite episodes, shared with my good friend Jason Hall:

On “three parent embryos” and genetic engineering:

Why biotechnology (IVF, cloning, etc…) is a “women’s issue.” I come on in the second segment:

How John Paul II helped lay the foundation for building a culture of life (I come on 19 min past the hour.

Thoughts on the NRLC Convention, persevering when the joy of faith is missing, and why the Theology of the Body is about more than sex and marriage:

Talking about the Communita Cenocolo, a Catholic ministry that addresses the deepest needs of addicts–the need for community, and squeezing in a little bit about America’s eugenic history at the end.

Looking back on the best and the worst in bioethics news in 2014:

The troubling cultural embrace of 3-parent IVF and euthanasia

The 20th anniversary of St. John Paul II’s Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) and the 10th anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s death, and the lessons both can teach us about human dignity and the sanctity of life. (My interview starts around the 15 min. mark.)

(Can’t see the player? Direct link to the episode here.)

On Chinese scientists’ attempt to “edit” genomes of human embryos:

On the ethical questions surrounding transhumanism and the movement against surrogacy.

On Bristol Palin and the tricky pro-life tightrope, the bio-ethical implications of Justice Kennedy’s marriage opinion (in other words: “marriage equality” leads to “family equality” and more and more third party reproduction — #adultswin #childrenlose), and, finally, why “transability” isn’t as crazy as it used to be.

why, what many have been calling a “Planned Parenthood controversy”, is actually much more than that.

On CRISPR-mania in China and the rights of adopted children.

On embryo custody battles, which, legally speaking, aren’t really “custody” battles — in the traditional sense of the term. They’re more like property disputes.:

On one specific example of “inspiration porn” that I personally identified with and what I thought was wrong not just with the media hype, but also with that particular situation.

On the Council of Europe’s Social Affairs and Health Committee vote against the draft report on surrogacy that proposed regulation of the practice rather than a full ban.

On Canada’s assisted suicide legislation and the real, documented slippery slope of making death acceptable “treatment” for pain and suffering. (I start about 15 minutes in.)

Why Me Before You is yet another bad chapter in Hollywood’s treatment of disability, assisted suicide. Also why, despite popular belief, the Catholic Church is actually very scientifically progressive.

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