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I know things have been mighty quiet here the past couple of weeks. But I’m finally breaking my silence with audio from my early morning interview on the Mike Allen Show yesterday. I chatted with Mike about why, what many have been calling a “Planned Parenthood controversy”, is actually much more than that. What’s worse: […]

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The “#WhatWomenNeed…for Valentine’s Day” hashtag was kicked off by House Democrats last week. This Monday, Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards got in on the fun by posting a vine video of herself holding up a series of #WhatWomenNeed cue cards that said, among other things, “birth control” and “safe + legal abortions.” Pro-lifers responded with their […]

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Over at Patheos, Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, a pro-life Democrat, gives the one of the best Planned Parenthood “war on women” smackdowns that I’ve read yet: Planned Parenthood and their allies in the media and politics have so warped the issue of women’s health that they have cast the debate entirely around what is good for […]

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Oh, snap. Former Komen for the Cure VP Karen Handel has landed a book deal. The title? Yes. That about sums it up. For those of you who don’t know, earlier this year, Komen adopted new grant criteria that effectively ended its financial support for Planned Parenthood. The move made complete sense since, on top […]

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According to the description, this video is from Planned Parenthood Teen Lobby Day May 3rd 2011…somewhere in California: Sadly, these girls are not alone in their ignorance. If you listen to the news (lately, especially!), you’d think that Planned Parenthood provides poor women everywhere with valuable and comprehensive breast cancer services. But, no. Planned Parenthood […]

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This graphic brilliantly and succinctly explains why Planned Parenthood does not fit into Komen’s agenda. Period. And there’s no reason for them to keep funding it (and they should have never funded it in the first place): Not that I expect much from Planned Parenthood, but their reaction to this whole thing has been irrational […]

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My latest article, published at CatholicLane.com: For years, several Susan G. Komen for the Cure affiliates have given Planned Parenthood over half a million dollars in grants every year. Last year that amount was roughly $680,000 and $580,000 the year before. Now, the Nation’s largest breast cancer awareness organization says it will officially end its […]

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We’re only one day into the fall 40 Days for Life campaign and there’s already good news. Here in Missouri, the Planned Parenthood in Columbia has lost yet another abortionist. You may recall that I was just there a few weeks ago praying for 18 mothers who were going in for an abortion on my […]

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Some footage I shot while I was at Planned Parenthood last week. There’s nothing really fantastic about this video, just us praying. Thankfully, for the most part, things are pretty peaceful during our prayer vigils in Columbia.

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Thanks for all your birthday comments and prayers for the 18 mothers scheduled for abortions at our local Planned Parenthood. I was able to spend a little bit of time praying at the facility last night with a group of pro-lifers who pray there every week and I just got word that at least two […]

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