Welcome to Planned Parenthood. How May We Help You Get Breast Cancer Today?

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This graphic brilliantly and succinctly explains why Planned Parenthood does not fit into Komen’s agenda. Period. And there’s no reason for them to keep funding it (and they should have never funded it in the first place):


Not that I expect much from Planned Parenthood, but their reaction to this whole thing has been irrational and totally unprofessional. Why in the world they now consider Komen their mortal enemy is completely beyond me. Not once did Komen ever condemn Planned Parenthood or their practices. In fact, they have gone out of their way to say that they still consider PP a “friend” and would even reconsider their grants if PP met their new standards at some point in the future. I mean, Komen’s founder and CEO is a abortion advocate who once sat on the board of her local Planned Parenthood, for crying out loud!

As childish as Planned Parenthood is acting, I think Wesley Smith is right. Komen is just reaping what they sowed when they chose to partner with PP in the first place. Lucky for them, PP’s scorched earth campaign against them isn’t exactly hurting their bottom line. Quite the opposite, actually. On a conference call yesterday, CEO Nancy Brinker said donations are up 100% since they ended their relationship with PP.

And, who knows? maybe Jill Stanek is right, too. Maybe this whole thing will cause Komen to finally acknowledge the link between abortion and breast cancer that is getting renewed attention and the organization will undergo a “cleansing of its liberal bastion” as some of its pro-abortion officials resign. Let’s hope!

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4 Comments on “Welcome to Planned Parenthood. How May We Help You Get Breast Cancer Today?”

  1. Greetings.

    I am the editor of the Catholic newspaper on Guam (the part of the US no one remembers–ever!). I would like to reprint (giving credit to your site) your ecard that you have above. Funny, poignant, and definitely fitting in with our paper’s sense of editorial humor.

    We’re free to our readers, so I can’t compensate you except via prayers and suggesting your site to our readers.

    Thanks for considering, and keep up the good work.


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