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The “#WhatWomenNeed…for Valentine’s Day” hashtag was kicked off by House Democrats last week. This Monday, Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards got in on the fun by posting a vine video of herself holding up a series of #WhatWomenNeed cue cards that said, among other things, “birth control” and “safe + legal abortions.”

Pro-lifers responded with their own #WhatWomenNeed Valentine’s Day pro-life tweet-fest, holding up their own cue-cards and tweeting things like:

#WhatWomenNeed comprehensive health care that respects our natural fertility and our dignity as women. @CecileRichards @PPact

#WhatWomenNeed a healthcare provider that doesn’t cover up abuse of victims of sex trafficking. @CecileRichards @PPact

#WhatWomenNeed Fertility care for those planning to be parents, which @PPact doesn’t provide. @CecileRichards

#WhatWomenNeed Prenatal care and diagnostic ultrasounds when planning parenthood, which @PPact doesn’t provide. @CecileRichards

This was my contribution:

#WhatWomenNeed: To be loved and respected as human beings, not used and exploited as sex objects, human incubators or hardware stores for spare baby-making parts.

Because, come on, guys! Abortion isn’t the only pro-life battle before us!

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