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Christopher White from the Center for Bioethics and Culture Network has a great article in Forbe’s. In it he makes the case that surrogate parenthood for money is a form of human trafficking. He also recently co-authored a piece for the National Review with Jennifer Lahl on Why Gestational Surrogacy is Wrong. They’re both thoughtful […]

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The “#WhatWomenNeed…for Valentine’s Day” hashtag was kicked off by House Democrats last week. This Monday, Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards got in on the fun by posting a vine video of herself holding up a series of #WhatWomenNeed cue cards that said, among other things, “birth control” and “safe + legal abortions.” Pro-lifers responded with their […]

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Jennifer Lahl writes: I’m just back from Charleston, South Carolina, where I attended the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys (AAARTA) professional conference. I listened in for three days on presentations addressing all things associated with third party reproduction from the perspective of lawyers, lobbyists, and advocates for LGBT rights and expanding global laws. […]

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After seeing their Eggsploitation documentary, a former egg donor recruiter came forward and agreed to talk to the Center for Bioethics and Culture about her experience working for 18 years with a leading fertility center in the United States. It’s an interesting look into the industry. An excerpt: The last few years was all about […]

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Dammit, Mitt. You don’t make it easy for me to want to vote for you as opposed to just voting against Obama. I knew that Mitt Romney’s son Tagg had used IVF and a surrogate mother twice to give birth to three of his six children. I didn’t hold his son’s actions against Mitt himself, […]

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In Must Not See TV news, NBC’s latest attempt at humor this fall will be The New Normal, a 30 minute sitcom about a young, single mother who agrees to become a gay couple’s surrogate mother. In the trailer for The New Normal, there is a scene in which the gay couple is speaking to […]

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The Tablet has an excellent article from Simi Lampert who explains why donating her eggs seemed like an easy way to make money — until she thought about her family and the fact that she was not only selling her eggs, but also, potentially, her biological children. She begins: I decided to sell my eggs. […]

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Here is a CBS Early Show segment aimed at “answering” the ethical and safety concerns about egg donation. Their panel of “specialists” consists of an out-of-work 23 yr. old actress who has decided to “donate” her eggs (but hasn’t done so, yet), Kathy Bernardo of the Northeast Assisted Fertility Group and Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, an […]

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Oh, my. The UK Daily Mail reports that a woman wants to freeze her own eggs so that her daughter Mackenzie, who is two years old and was born with Turner Syndrome and doesn’t have ovaries, can can use them one day to have babies by IVF. The Daily Mail rightly points out: If this […]

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Celebrities and wealthy columnists paint a smiling, rosy picture normalizing, even championing, egg “donation” and surrogacy, meanwhile the fertility industry has a dirty little secret: Eggsploitation is a documentary from the Center for Bioethics and Culture. Regarding surrogacy, the BioPolitical Times blogger Marcy Darnovsky, commenting on last week’s NYT “Twiblings” cover story by Melanie Thernstrom […]

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