Can We Stop With the “Donation” Nonsense Already?

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Here is a CBS Early Show segment aimed at “answering” the ethical and safety concerns about egg donation. Their panel of “specialists” consists of an out-of-work 23 yr. old actress who has decided to “donate” her eggs (but hasn’t done so, yet), Kathy Bernardo of the Northeast Assisted Fertility Group and Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel, an oncologist and the Head of the Department of Bioethics at The Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health.

Notice that right off the bat, when first asked why she decided to “donate” her eggs, the unemployed actress gave finances as her main reason, getting the idea from a friend of hers who had done it six times already with nothing but great things to say about the “money you earn” and the fact that it was “non invasive.” Only when she was asked what she thought when critics say this kind of thing exploits poor, cash-strapped women did she talk about how “more rewarding” it is to her to the “gift of giving life.”

Can we just stop it with the “donation” nonsense already, please? I don’t care who you are, if someone gives you upwards of $10,000 after you provide some good or service, you did not “donate” anything.

Another note: it is obvious that Emmanuel was just a prop to say that they showed “both sides” of the debate as his points were largely dismissed. It would have been more interesting to see them put on one of the women from this documentary.

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