Audio: Planned Parenthood Just the Tip of the Iceberg

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I know things have been mighty quiet here the past couple of weeks. But I’m finally breaking my silence with audio from my early morning interview on the Mike Allen Show yesterday.


I chatted with Mike about why, what many have been calling a “Planned Parenthood controversy”, is actually much more than that.

What’s worse: the fact that Planned Parenthood may be violating the law to further profit from its destruction of innocent human lives, or that there is a market for tiny baby parts in the first place — which has been going on for decades?

One thing at a time, I guess, but let’s be careful not to overlook or lose sight of the big picture here. This goes far beyond Planned Parenthood. On a larger scale, it is actually a “controversy” of scientific/medical ethics. Tissue from elective abortions should not be being used in scientific research in the first place.

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