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I’ve written several of my own reflections about life in a wheelchair here. Today I thought I’d let someone else take the wheels, so to speak. Nine-year-old Ella is the daughter of author/blogger Rebecca French. Two years ago she was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. This year her condition has worsened to the point she […]

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A few years ago, Susan Windley-Daoust reached out to me about reviewing a chapter in her forth coming book Theology of the Body, Extended: The Spiritual Signs of Birth, Impairment and Dying. For obvious reasons, she was interested in my thoughts on the chapter on “The Theology of the Impaired Body”. You can read a […]

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“The only disability in life is a bad attitude” -Scott Hamilton. This video about Chris Koch, a farmer at Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, CA, proves what I’ve said here many times: we’re only really limited by our own lack of imagination, determination and ingenuity. Life with a disability is not as awful as you […]

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day, a day to celebrate the lives of those who have an extra 21st chromosome and raise awareness about the “good news” about DS This year, since I’ve written so much about this topic already, I thought I’d just offer a round-up of some of my favorite articles/posts over the […]

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Sport doesn’t care what your problem is: This is a great promo from Samsung for the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, which are still going on right now. Who says you can’t be just as active and athletic with a disability? Yes, it takes a lot of hard work (does it not when you’re able bodied?). […]

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At this year’s NYC Fashion Week, Carrie Hammer made headlines by breaking ranks with her fellow designers and casting “real women” as her models instead of the 5’10″ bean-pole professional models you typically see strutting their stuff on the catwalk. One model in particular got everyone’s attention. Dr. Danielle Sheypuk, a Brooklyn-based clinical psychologist and […]

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Admittedly, I have not watched a lot of this year’s Winter Olympics. I’m more of a summer games kinda gal, myself. But an image image from the games this week captured my attention, as did the story behind it. On Monday Alex Bilodeau won gold in the freestyle skiing moguls competition — and he shared […]

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Lizzie Velásquez is a 24 year old American woman who was born with a very rare disease (shared by only one other person in the United States) that doesn’t allow her to gain weight. She has been bullied most of her life, including being labeled the “World’s Ugliest Woman” in an internet video that received […]

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Does our culture have a love/hate relationship with babies? Is Captain James T. Kirk captive to the culture of death? And what does Pope Francis mean by an “ecumenism of blood?” I had a good time talking about all of the above on the Mike Allen Show yesterday with the ever-awesome Jason Hall, who is […]

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Two weeks ago I told you about a New Zealand couple who won an appeals court ruling in their “wrongful birth” lawsuit. Shortly after publishing that story, a couple in Washington State was awarded $50 million, the state’s largest ever individual award, for a wrongful birth case. Knowing that there was a 50-50 chance that […]

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