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Commenting on gender reassignment as “treatment” for people with gender identity issues a few years ago, Wesley Smith said: People want to be fulfilled and lead happy lives as “themselves.” Very well. But I also worry that once we accept the premise that we have a fundamental right to be physically remade to comport with how we feel about ourselves—and … Read More

Why Be You, When You Can Be New?

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In the last episode of BioTalk, Rebecca Taylor and I discussed transhumanist images in several popular movies and television shows. One of those was an animated film called Robots. Rebecca called it a great movie for kids (rated PG) with a prophetic message about where Transhumanism will lead us. In the movie, a power-hungry robot takes over one of Robot … Read More

BioTalk, Episode 9: Transhumanism in Popular Culture

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It only took two weeks, but I finally edited and uploaded the latest episode of BioTalk with the lovely and smart Rebecca Taylor. Transhumanist ideas are often spread in notable science/tech journals, magazines and even some conferences. And today’s rapidly-progressing technological world is making their goals more and more plausible. However, as Rebecca put it recently, “To grease the wheels … Read More


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• Researchers have discovered that instead of simply being an extra copy of each of the genes on chromosome 21, trisomy 21 has an effect on the expression of genes on other chromosomes. Rebecca Taylor observes how this new discovery has implications for the future of human genetic engineering. • Judie Brown explains why personhood described as being “from the … Read More

Transhumanism in Dr. Who

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For the record: I love sci-fi and fantasy as much as the next geek (obviously). BUT, I have never seen an episode of Dr. Who in my life — and I am quite comfortable with that, thankyouverymuch. That being said, I did find University of Leicester academic, Dr Chris Willmott’s insight into some aspects of the series quite interesting: “What … Read More

When Is Medicine No Longer Medicine?

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Recently, Google launched a company that will be focused on finding the root cause of various diseases and conditions. But Calico has even greater ambitions than just treating human illnesses. The project also wants to address genetic causes of aging, and perhaps even “solve death.” CNN reports: Calico — or the California Life Company — has been set up to … Read More

Performance Enhancing Drugs, MLB Suspensions and Transhumanism

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Yesterday Major League Baseball announced that it will be suspending a dozen or so players for performance-enhancing drug use. This list includes one of the leagues most well known and highest paid athletes. Good. I hope we see more of this. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of hearing sports commentators belittle the importance of even trying to … Read More

Transhumanism: Amputating Healthy Limbs

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In the last episode of BioTalk, Rebecca Taylor and I talked all about transhumanism. Admittedly, it was probably the most “sci-fi-ish” sounding of all the pro-life 3.0 issues, but lest any of you consider some of our claims to be too outlandish to be taken seriously — specifically, the idea of people amputating perfectly healthy limbs and replacing them with … Read More

Transhumanists, Monkeys and Bionic Man

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1. Responding to an H+ article by Belinda Silbert, Wesley Smith comments on how Transhumanists Want to Be Gods: Transhumanism is a collective of (mostly) naked materialists who hope science and technology will replace the deeper meaning they lost by rejecting metaphysical beliefs. Transhumanists harbor futuristic dreams of making themselves immortal and possessing what would now be thought of as … Read More

BioTalk Ep. 3 – Lance Armstrong: Cheater or Transhumanism Pioneer?

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Should Lance Armstrong be “celebrated as a pioneer in human enhancement“? In this episode, Rebecca Taylor and I talk about the transhumanist movement, which seems to be starting in the world of sports with performance enhancing drugs. Taylor makes a great point that I hadn’t thought of before about how we, as a culture, seem to have completely changed the … Read More