Every human life has value.

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Chelsea, why are you always harping on IVF?? Because, after 35 years, IVF is still a vast experiment. An experiment on children, millions of whom pay for it with their lives. Even those who are lucky enough to have survived the process are paying for it in other ways: By having a greater risk of […]

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What does the Catholic Church have to say about biotechnology — and is she as “backward” thinking as most people believe? Rebecca Taylor and I discuss in the latest episode of BioTalk: A few related links: The Church Is Not Backward, But Forward — expanded thoughts from Rebecca on the far-reaching wisdom of the Church. […]

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Should Lance Armstrong be “celebrated as a pioneer in human enhancement“? In this episode, Rebecca Taylor and I talk about the transhumanist movement, which seems to be starting in the world of sports with performance enhancing drugs. Taylor makes a great point that I hadn’t thought of before about how we, as a culture, seem […]

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A new episode of BioTalk, in which Rebecca Taylor and I talk about all things bioethics — especially issues related to human biotechnology — is finally here! In this episode, we talk about scientists experimenting with “three parent embryos” and the “Brave New” United States where there are no restrictions on this or other once […]

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Editing video is hard! Since Rebecca Taylor and I had such a good time chatting with each other last month, we decided to try it again…and possibly make it a regular thing! Introducing BioTalk (the name is still up in the air), where Rebecca and I — and possibly other guests in the future?? — […]

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