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Human GMOs and U.S. Public Policy

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Last year the restaurant chain Chipotle made major headlines for announcing that all(ish) of its food would be “GMO free” (that’s fine, I never liked Chipotle, anyway). They actually received a heavy amount of criticism for this move, nevertheless, it’s safe to say they wouldn’t have done it if there weren’t a growing number of the general public wary of … Read More

BioTalk13: Aborted Fetal Body Parts in Scientific Research

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In this episode of BioTalk, I spoke with chemistry and physics instructor, Dr. Stacy Trasancos. Always a pleasure connecting with someone I’ve only known virtually through email and Facebook. Stacy reminds us that it really doesn’t take any undercover investigating to find proof that abortion providers have been supplying scientists with aborted fetal body parts — sometimes even whole, intact, … Read More

BioTalk11: GMO People — Make Your Voice Heard!

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The dream team is back! In the latest episode of BioTalk, Rebecca Taylor and I give an update on “three-parent IVF” (aka “midochondrial donation or replacement”) and genetic engineering, what it means for our human future and what you can do about it. Or, if you prefer, you can listen to audio only: There is a very real possibility that … Read More

Biotalking with Dr. David Prentice

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At the National Right to Life Convention this summer I caught up with Dr. David Prentice, Senior Fellow for Life Sciences at Family Research Council, and chatted with him a bit about the current status of the great “stem cell debate”, how scientists are tinkering with human life these days and what, if any, positive signs he sees for trying … Read More

BioTalk, Episode 9: Transhumanism in Popular Culture

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It only took two weeks, but I finally edited and uploaded the latest episode of BioTalk with the lovely and smart Rebecca Taylor. Transhumanist ideas are often spread in notable science/tech journals, magazines and even some conferences. And today’s rapidly-progressing technological world is making their goals more and more plausible. However, as Rebecca put it recently, “To grease the wheels … Read More

BioTalk, ep. 8: The Great GMO Disconnect

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What’s with society’s split personality when it comes to genetically modified organisms (GMOs)? Milk from a cloned cow is unnatural and unsafe, but injecting a human being with stem cells from their own (dead) clone is positive scientific progress? Why are we going to great lengths to regulate and raise awareness about the use of GMO in our food supply, … Read More

BioTalk, Ep. 7: Is IVF Really Good for the Children?

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Chelsea, why are you always harping on IVF?? Because, after 35 years, IVF is still a vast experiment. An experiment on children, millions of whom pay for it with their lives. Even those who are lucky enough to have survived the process are paying for it in other ways: By having a greater risk of developing birth defects or spending … Read More

BioTalk, Episode 5: Human Cloning is Here

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Human cloning is not coming; it is already here. It is time to stop pretending that this is a problem for our children and grandchildren. This is our issue to tackle. Now. In the latest episode of BioTalk, Rebecca and I discuss the realities of human cloning and what we can do to stop it.

BioTalk, Episode 4: Biotechnology and the Catholic Church

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What does the Catholic Church have to say about biotechnology — and is she as “backward” thinking as most people believe? Rebecca Taylor and I discuss in the latest episode of BioTalk: A few related links: The Church Is Not Backward, But Forward — expanded thoughts from Rebecca on the far-reaching wisdom of the Church. The Catholic Church is No … Read More