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The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network has compiled their list for the “Winners and Losers” in bioethics for 2014. Winners include: Kathleen Sloan, board member for the National Organization for Women and a regular consultant for the CBC. Human biotechnology creates strange bedfellows. Although Sloan is a committed abortion rights advocate, she has also […]

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At the National Right to Life Convention this summer I caught up with Dr. David Prentice, Senior Fellow for Life Sciences at Family Research Council, and chatted with him a bit about the current status of the great “stem cell debate”, how scientists are tinkering with human life these days and what, if any, positive […]

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Rebecca Taylor reviews the latest teen dystopian future trilogy to hit the big screen: I…want to thank Veronica Roth for tackling tough issues in biotechnology in a way young people love. I hope this trilogy gives them pause in a world that thinks science can solve any problem. I hope they see that being human […]

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• Researchers have discovered that instead of simply being an extra copy of each of the genes on chromosome 21, trisomy 21 has an effect on the expression of genes on other chromosomes. Rebecca Taylor observes how this new discovery has implications for the future of human genetic engineering. • Judie Brown explains why personhood […]

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My BioTalk partner-in-crime, Rebecca Taylor, has a new article at the National Catholic Register on the disconnect that many in our society seem to have when it comes to GMOs: So we live in a society where people are wary of eating meat or drinking milk from a cloned cow but support cloning human embryos […]

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Last week I was on the radio in Lexington, KY talking to Mike Allen about “three-parent embryos” and genetic engineering. Click the play button below to listen. I come on about 15 minutes into the program — in the second segment. http://www.reflectionsofaparalytic.com/audio/Mike-Allen-2014-02-27.mp3 This is serious stuff, y’all! We are on a threshold. Will we move […]

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As the FDA considers allowing genetically engineered children, I’m reminded of this meme I came across several months ago illustrating the split personality that many progressives have about genetically modified organisms. See: Genetic Modification: Bad for Cows and Corn, but Okay for Humans?

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This week the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) met to discuss allowing the creation of human beings with three genetic parents to proceed to clinical trials. That is, whether to allow human “three-parent embryos” to be implanted and possibly grow to term. There are currently two different techniques for manufacturing three-parent embryos, the purpose of […]

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After roughly a year of polling the British public about it (because naturally that’s the best way to determine all serious ethical questions involving complicated human biotechnology), last week the UK’s Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, announced that the British government’s health department is drafting regulations in order to start offering “three-parent” IVF treatments […]

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Life TV has released a new episode of Life on Film. This time Brendan, Chelsea and Tim talk about Gattaca, which deals with genetic engineering. For more on Gattaca and how, 15 years later, the sci-fi thriller is fast becoming our reality, be sure to check out: Gattaca, Cloud Atlas and the Human Future

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