BioTalk20: GMO Babies and the 2016 Election

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The latest episode of BioTalk is with Dr. David Prentice of the Lozier Insititute on the world’s first GMO baby born this summer using the “3-parent IVF” method called “maternal spindle transfer”. If not for the Aderholt amendment to the 2015 omnibus spending bill, which prohibits the Food and Drug Administration from entertaining any submission that proposes “research in which … Read More

BioTalk18: Self-Regulation Science Doesn’t Work

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Scientists love to give themselves “ethical guidelines” — only to “reevaluate” and revise those guidelines when they are no longer convenient. A perfect recent example of this came this May when scientists in two separate studies reported keeping embryos alive, healthy and developing for 12-13 days. In both studies the embryos grew autonomously and began processes that lead to organ … Read More

Human GMOs and U.S. Public Policy

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Last year the restaurant chain Chipotle made major headlines for announcing that all(ish) of its food would be “GMO free” (that’s fine, I never liked Chipotle, anyway). They actually received a heavy amount of criticism for this move, nevertheless, it’s safe to say they wouldn’t have done it if there weren’t a growing number of the general public wary of … Read More

Ethical Gene Editing

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Since scientists in China confirmed last year that they have been editing the genomes of several non-viable human embryos from IVF clinics using a new promising gene-editing technique called CRISPR, most of the discussion about gene editing technology has centered around altering human embryos to eradicate certain diseases. It sounds like a great idea, but there are some serious ethical … Read More

Genetic Enhancements: A Biological Arms Race No One Can Win

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Last year the UK became the first in the world to offer controversial ‘three-parent’ fertility treatments. This year they approved the use of CRISPR to edit genomes of human embryos. In the latest episode of BioTalk, Rebecca Taylor and I talk about how scientists and governments have re-engineered language to sell the public on embryo-re-engineering. We also look at the … Read More

Bioethics 2015: Winners and Losers

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The Center for Bioethics and Culture has released their annual list of winners and losers for the previous year. Most have to do with surrogacy and assisted suicide. All are good candidates, but I noticed one glaring omission. 2015 was a tipping-point year for the genetic altering human embryos and, consequently, the genetic future of humanity. The losers in this … Read More

Audio: Genetic Engineering and Adoptee Rights

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I was on the radio with Mike Allen this morning talking about CRISPR-mania in China and the rights of adopted children. Click the play buttons below to listen. November is National Adoption Month, and while Adoption is such a wonderful thing for so many individuals, that doesn’t mean it is without consequence. Like so many donor-conceived children, adopted … Read More

Chinese Scientists Attempt to Edit Genome of Human Embryos

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Shortly after I mentioned it as a possibility last week, scientists in China confirmed that they have been editing the genomes of several non-viable human embryos from IVF clinics using a new promising gene-editing technique called CRISPR. Technically speaking the results were a disappointment to researchers and proved that the technique is not ready for “medical use”. Of the 85 … Read More

GMO Kids Coming Soon

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Rebecca Taylor’s latest at the Register focuses on “three parent ivf”, which I’ve talked about many, many times here and an emerging new technique that allows scientists to “edit” or modify nuclear DNA within human gametes or embryos: There is a new genetic engineering technique that is revolutionizing biotechnology research. It is called CRISPR. CRISPR allows scientists to accurately alter … Read More

BioTalk11: GMO People — Make Your Voice Heard!

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The dream team is back! In the latest episode of BioTalk, Rebecca Taylor and I give an update on “three-parent IVF” (aka “midochondrial donation or replacement”) and genetic engineering, what it means for our human future and what you can do about it. Or, if you prefer, you can listen to audio only: There is a very real possibility that … Read More