Watch the 2012 Paralympics Live!

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Sick of 24 hr. hurricane coverage and the Republican National Convention (already)? Still having withdrawals from the ending of the 2012 summer Olympics? Well, the Paralympic Games started today. You can watch the opening ceremony and parade of nations live online right now:

But, who says you can’t be just as active and athletic with a disability? Meet the 2012 Paralympians.

Several, if not all, of the games will be shown live on this channel as well. Given the extremely negative attitudes that continue in the world towards life with a disability and the people who have them (especially those in the womb), it would be really nice if these games were broadcast on television for more to see. Maybe someday. Life with a disability is not as awful as you think!

One Comment on “Watch the 2012 Paralympics Live!”

  1. This is sooo AWESOME!I’m a person with a disability to,and it’s so cool to watch people like me in a big stage like the Paralympics!

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