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Regretably, things have been pretty quiet on the blog this week. That’s because… 1. On Monday I had half of my wisdom teeth pulled. Is it just me or is this always such an incredibly unpleasant sight: Haven’t had to use prescription pain meds since Monday, but my mouth is still pretty sore…and a little […]

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In honor of Support a Catholic Speaker Month, I interviewed one of my favorite Catholic bloggers, who also does quite a bit of speaking, Rebecca Taylor. You might know her from the blog Mary Meets Dolly. She also contributes to Creative Minority Report and Life News and we run several of her articles over at […]

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Over at Patheos, Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, a pro-life Democrat, gives the one of the best Planned Parenthood “war on women” smackdowns that I’ve read yet: Planned Parenthood and their allies in the media and politics have so warped the issue of women’s health that they have cast the debate entirely around what is good for […]

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1. I’ve seen quite a few stories about birth control lately. Why not make a quick takes post out of all of them, plus a few other related items? 2. First thing’s first: For quite some time now, the link between hormonal contraceptives and an increased risk of breast cancer has been acknowledged by the […]

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The Catholic Church might condemn same-sex ‘marriage’ and living an active homosexual lifestyle, but she does not hate or condemn people with same-sex attraction nor does she consider SSA, in and of itself, a sin or something that one can or should be “cured” of. In this video, Fr. Pontifex beautifully and succinctly puts the […]

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Over at Catholic Lane last week we published two articles from women describing their experiences with so-called Catholic doctors and hospitals acting…less than Catholic. See: Countering the “Catholic Doctor” Deception -Terri Kimmel Counseled to Abort in a Catholic Hospital -Stacy Trasancos Sadly, their experiences are not unique. One famous example is Christ Hospital or Advocate […]

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Conservative pundit/comedian Steven Crowder gave a great presentation at the Values Voter Summit last weekend. At around the 5 min mark Crowder, a newlywed, starts to get serious about our culture’s attitude towards the sanctity of the marriage and the marital act. However you may feel about his delivery style, he made excellent points about […]

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A very belated 7 Quick Takes Friday. THE GOOD: 1. Earlier this week I talked about the many athletes with disabilities who have competed in the Olympics throughout the years. The Orlando Sentinal has a story about a teenager in Orlando, FL who, despite missing most the lower half of his right arm, is proving […]

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Generally speaking, I’d say that the United States is not on most people’s radar when they think of eugenics throughout history. But we have a very sordid eugenics past here in America and I think it’s important to know where we’ve been in in this regard. If you’ve ever got an hour and a half […]

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This week NBC premiered its new fall sitcom, The New Normal, promoting egg donation, IVF and surrogacy. Here’s a trailer: While everyone’s hearts bleed for infertile and gay couples, what about the children created using this technology with anonymous sperm and eggs who are upset about having half their identity deliberately withheld from them? I […]

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