Praying and Picketing at Planned Parenthood

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Here I am with the same group of kids that help me out downtown on the 4th of July. We went to Columbia, MO last Friday to picket the Planned Parenthood there. It’s something we used to do on a fairly regular basis, but haven’t in quite some time. We do hope to pick up the pace again in the … Read More

Pics from the Fourth!

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Every year I help set up a pro-life table at our downtown 4th of July festivities with a woman from my parish and a number of the home schooled kids in my area. Everything worked out well this year, as it always does. Most of the visitors are attracted to the fetal development models and it is frequently pregnant women, … Read More

Unborn U.S. Citizens Have a Right to Life

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I Am An American I am endowed by my Creator With the inalienable right to life Just like you, and every other American. You know who I am. Now that you can see my face, Will you use your voice? Please tell America, I am an American, too. America, it’s time to protect your children again. That is a poem … Read More

Hurray for Facebook Pro-Lifers

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One this is certain, pro-lifers know how to mobilize. The CBC launched the “Great Canadian Wish List” on Facebook to help celebrate Canada’s 140th birthday. The goal was for individuals and groups to make a wish for the future of the country and invite friends to join. To be clear, this was done as a contest, not a poll, that … Read More

Speaking of Ballot Initiatives

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The fund raising process for working on getting a cloning ban on the ballot here in Missouri has begun! Unlike our opposition we don’t have one wealthy couple ready to give us $30 million for our campaign (but if you know of any such couple – please send them our way!). If you or someone you know would like to … Read More

Pro-Life T-Shirt Day

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Yes, today was National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day and I didn’t get my shirt in the mail until I got off work this afternoon! I hope some of you were able to participate. I know that a few of our local Catholic schools did – not about any of the kids at the public schools. In case you haven’t looked at … Read More