JP II, the Church on Withdrawing Nutrition and Hydration

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Last week I talked about withdrawing nutrition and hydration from sick and disabled people using a passage from Pope Benedict’s encyclical Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth) on every human beings basic right to receive food and water. I forgot that in 2004 John Paul II discussed this issue specifically in an address to participants in the International Congress on … Read More

Music for Your Monday: Grace is Dancing

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“Grace is Dancing” is a very moving song by Tyrone Wells about a little girl with Down syndrome. In the video below, Tyrone tells the story of Grace’s birth and how she survived against all odds (h/t Rebecca Taylor): What a lovely testament to the life of this young girl and, yet, how sad, too, to know that the overwhelming … Read More


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The new CatholicVote ad has arrived! Catch yours truly at the 1:07 mark:

“We Didn’t Terminate Because He’s Our Son”

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What did Tennyson write? “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” T.K. and Deidrea Laux know that is true. Warning: tissues will be needed for this one (h/t Jill Stanek): “The only thing Thomas will ever know of this world is love” What a great gift these parents’ gave to little Thomas. And … Read More

Study: Memory Forms at 30 Weeks in the Womb

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Behold the awesome wonder of unborn human life! (h/t Respect Life STL on Twitter): WEDNESDAY, July 15 (HealthDay News) — Fetuses that are only 30 weeks old may already possess short-term memory, Dutch researchers report. “This is the next step into a better insight in the development of the fetal central nervous system,” said study co-author Dr. Jan G. Nijhuis, … Read More

Life: Imagine the Potential 3

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Here’s the latest from Said one commenter on YouTube: This is one giant leap for revealing mankind to mankind! Indeed – keep up the great work CV! See Imagine spots one and two.

Home Sweet Home!

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Alright, folks, I’m back, got in last night. It was a long and exhausting trip, but I enjoyed the opportunity to speak to our youth. I got video of the last talk I did with the 13-14 year olds and I’ll let you know when I get that uploaded. It wasn’t the most accessible place in the world, but I … Read More

Persons First

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She’s been hailed as a “symbol”, the image of the revolution being fought in Iran. Sure, her death has inspired many to continue to fight against oppression and that may be good, but in this excellent and thought provoking post, Erin Manning reminds us that “Neda” is above all a person, not a symbol: But Neda Agha-Soltan was a person, … Read More

PETA’s Audacity Knows No Bounds

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In a pathetic effort to use the murder of abortionist George Tiller to its own advantage, PETA is set to release a billboard campaign in Witchita, KS aimed at people on both sides of the abortion debate: PETA plans to have billboards in the Wichita area that promote vegetarianism, prompted by abortion Dr. George Tiller’s murder. The group hopes that … Read More

An Intrusion into Spiritual Time

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A few weeks ago I pointed out a comment I received on here defending assisted suicide for the terminally ill on the grounds that “it is how we live that matters, not how we die.” For the most part people want to be remembered (and want to remember others) for the way they “lived” their lives. We want to remember … Read More