Thank God for Eternal Life!

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Those of us who fight for the right to life of every human being on this earth must also remember to be joyfully aware that this life, as beautiful as it may be, is not our ultimate end. Though we fight for truth and freedom in our beloved country, it remains but an earthly dwelling place, a temporary homeland where … Read More

All Things Are Passing

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Just a reminder: Yes, today’s Supreme Court ruling was a major disappointment (to say the very least). And, yes, we must continue to fight for life and liberty here on earth. But, let’s also remember to keep our eye on the real hope that springs eternal: For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the one that is … Read More

Music for Your Labor Day Monday: Something More

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Rebecca Taylor called this the “theme song for the culture of life” and I have to agree. The major difference between the culture of life and that of death is one word: hope. And since it’s Labor Day, revisit: The Liturgical Dignity of Work

Our Lover is Coming!

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Jesus Christ has many titles according to his relationship with mankind. He is Prince of Peace and King of Kings, Lord, Savior and even Friend. But did you know that He is also our Lover and Spouse? As a young man marries a virgin, so shall your builder marry you (Is. 62). I’ve said here many times that all earthly … Read More

The Culture of Death and the Magesterium of Me

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Awful. In Canada a couple opted to have one of their unborn children killed for no other reason than that having twins just did not fit into the “perfect” life they had laid out for themselves (h/t Rebecca Taylor). From the National Post: Like so many other couples these days, the Toronto-area business executive and her husband put off having … Read More

Finding Molly

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This is a beautiful, but also heartbreaking story about a man, after about 50 years, reuniting with his sister who was sent away to an institution for physically and mentally disabled children when she was three years old (h/t Creative Minority Report): I’m thankful for the ways in which we have tried to welcome the disabled into society, but has … Read More

Boy Records Rap Song to Celebrate His Sister With Special Needs

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I can’t wait till next Monday to post this song. Seven year old “MattyB” has dedicated a song to his younger sister with Down syndrome (h/t Live Action). Sweet. Beautiful. And over 2 million views on YouTube since August! Way to reach a large audience with a positive message about children with Down syndrome! This song can be downloaded on … Read More

Music for Your Monday: Grace is Dancing

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“Grace is Dancing” is a very moving song by Tyrone Wells about a little girl with Down syndrome. In the video below, Tyrone tells the story of Grace’s birth and how she survived against all odds (h/t Rebecca Taylor): What a lovely testament to the life of this young girl and, yet, how sad, too, to know that the overwhelming … Read More

Be Not Afraid of the Cross

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I’m preparing to give a talk to a youth group in Ellisville MO later this evening. This quote from Pope Benedict sums up the message I hope to get across: Dear friends, the Cross often frightens us because it seems to be a denial of life. In fact, the opposite is true! It is God’s “yes” to mankind, the supreme … Read More

The Inspiring Story of Garvan Byrne

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I don’t think it matters how handicapped you are or how sick. You always succeed in something. God gave us each a gift. –Garvan Byrne March 20, 1973 – April 16, 1985 After watching these videos and hearing the words of the delightful young Garvan Byrne, terminally ill and handicapped from birth, I am reminded of something Fr. Jaques Philippe … Read More