Finding Molly

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This is a beautiful, but also heartbreaking story about a man, after about 50 years, reuniting with his sister who was sent away to an institution for physically and mentally disabled children when she was three years old (h/t Creative Minority Report):

I’m thankful for the ways in which we have tried to welcome the disabled into society, but has our general opinion about the lives of disabled people really changed all that much in the last 50 years when we have also stepped up efforts to make sure that many disabled people are killed before they are born? The reasons for killing unborn children with disabilities today is much the same as the reasons these children were sent away to institutions 50 years ago, namely: that caring for a disabled child would infringe on the happiness of parents and siblings. But this story of Molly is proof that that’s not necessarily the case. Parents of these children actually discover love and the value of human life through them and even young children sing in praise of their siblings with special needs.

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