Thank God for Eternal Life!

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Those of us who fight for the right to life of every human being on this earth must also remember to be joyfully aware that this life, as beautiful as it may be, is not our ultimate end.

Though we fight for truth and freedom in our beloved country, it remains but an earthly dwelling place, a temporary homeland where we must prepare ourselves for the greater Home that awaits us:

I know the country I am living in is not really my true fatherland, and there is another I must long for without ceasing. This is not simply a story invented by someone living in the sad country where I am, but it is a reality, for the King of the Fatherland of the bright sun actually came and lived for thirty-three years in the land of darkness.(Story of a Soul, Manuscript C).

Heaven. Resurrection. Eternal Life. What we believe, what we hope for, is not merely some lofty philosophical ideal or the fantasy of uneducated simpletons. It is truth, Divinely revealed and able to be known through human reason (CCC 156-59).

I love this little dialogue at the end of Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov:

“Karamazov!” cried Kolya, “can it really be true as religion says, that we shall all rise from the dead, and come to life, and see one another again, and everyone, and Ilyushecka?”

“Certainly we shall rise, certainly we shall see and gladly, joyfully tell one another all that has been,” Alyosha relied, half laughing, half in ecstasy.

“Ah, how good that will be!” burst from Kolya.

How good that will be, indeed!

As this month for All Souls comes to an end let us pray for all the nullfaithful departed: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen

And now we begin that great season of hope where we prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord when truth and justice will finally reign for all eternity.

If we make death our starting point, we will have no illusions about life.

2 Comments on “Thank God for Eternal Life!”

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  2. +JMJ+
    What a beautiful article. We Catholic Christians live by HOPE. +Jesus Christ+ He is our HOPE and Salvation and Praise God our dearest Love. Let us walk this faith walk and share this beautiful message with everyone – everyday of our lives. +MERRY CHRISTMAS+

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