I Don’t “Believe” Life Begins at Conception…

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I know it does. Rebecca Taylor explains more: I don’t know how many times I have heard it. Well-meaning Catholics who say, “As a Catholic, I believe life begins at conception.” I have decided that my mission in life is to correct this miscommunication because it is that very line that lets everyone who is not Catholic dismiss everything we … Read More

Why You Didn’t Die at Birth

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Smarter Every Day is one of my favorite channels on YouTube right now. In his latest video Destin explores how human beings go from breathing fluid inside the mother’s womb to breathing air after birth: The design and construction of human life is so awesomely perfect. Too perfect to just happen by chance! Which is why no one is an … Read More

How Newt Gingrich Blundered

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Below is a “guest post” from my good friend Jim Cole, Legal Counsel for Missouri Right to Life, about the imbroglio that Newt Gingrich caused with his comments about implantation last week. The Gingrich campaign has been on damage-control with pro-lifers for days now attempting to “clarify” Newts pro-life position, assuring us that he believes that life begins at conception. … Read More

Face Development in the Womb

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How perfect is the construction of life in the womb! A little too perfect to just happen by chance. h/t Jivin J This video is from the BBC program “Inside the Human Body.”

Life…From its Very Beginning

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Thankfully, the election is finally over and many “pro-life” seats were picked up. Now, let’s hope that actually translates into something good when it comes time to vote on legislation. This is an excellent video (with some pretty funky music). It beautifully illustrates what those of us who “vote pro-life” are trying to preserve: human life…from its very beginning.

Fertilization 101

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Will the bastardization of science never end? No doubt you have heard some abortion advocates oppose initiatives to define human personhood as beginning at the moment of conception by claiming that such legislation would give human rights to an egg – nevermind the fact that that egg must be fertilized by a human sperm, in which case it completely ceases … Read More

Senses Begin in the Womb

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Check out this awesome article on pre-natal sensory development: Across the animal kingdom, senses come online in a very specific order that doesn’t vary much from one vertebrate to another. The first sense fetuses experience is touch. Then come the chemical-based senses—taste and smell. The ability to hear develops fourth. And finally, so late that many animals are born lacking … Read More

Fetal Tweets

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Sweet! Soon traveling dads and long distance relatives may be able to receive pregnancy updates – from the unborn child him/herself! (h/t Mary Meets Dolly) Corey Menscher has designed a belt with vibration sensors attached to to detect movement in the belly of a pregnant woman and infused this technology with social networking site Twitter to send a message – … Read More

Mapping In-Utero Brain Development in 3D

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This is pretty incredible! A hospital in London is the first in the world to scan unborn babies using high quality magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): A team led by Prof Mary Rutherford, a neonatal neuroradiologist at Hammersmith Hospital, is using the images to find out how foetus’ brains develop in the womb. This has been difficult to study before as … Read More

I am Alive

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At our last Legion of Mary Curia meeting, one of our members brought with her a poem written by a young girl she used to baby-sit who I’m told is pretty seriously mentally challenged or developmentally disabled somehow. The girl was 16 or 17 years old when she wrote it and she told my friend that she wouldn’t mind if … Read More