PETA’s Audacity Knows No Bounds

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In a pathetic effort to use the murder of abortionist George Tiller to its own advantage, PETA is set to release a billboard campaign in Witchita, KS aimed at people on both sides of the abortion debate:

PETA plans to have billboards in the Wichita area that promote vegetarianism, prompted by abortion Dr. George Tiller’s murder. The group hopes that the billboards will help pro-life and pro-choice advocates find common ground in support for animal rights.

“People who are pro-choice shouldn’t choose cruelly produced foods, just as pro-life folks shouldn’t support deadly slaughterhouses,” says PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich in a press release. “It’s time for everyone to reject violence and live up to their ideals–if you’re truly acting out of a desire to end suffering, start with what you put on your plate.”

The Wichita Eagle reports that PETA’s campaign manager Lindsay Rajt said while the billboards are not yet up, PETA has no plans to cancel the campaign.

This is low, even for PETA.

3 Comments on “PETA’s Audacity Knows No Bounds”

  1. The problem with PETA in this instance is that they equivocate, in my mind, between a human fetus and animals, saying that if one is truly pro-life, they should protect the animals.
    They also put on the same ontological level a chicken and an unborn, effectively denying the spark of the divine in each human individual, and they don’t take into account the fact that a human is in the image and likeness of God. In the end, whether one is pro-life or pro-choice, these billboards are stupid and nobody will like them. Instead of confronting the issue, they try to mask it with the own political agenda.

  2. There doesn’t seem to be anything all that offensive about the billboards THEMSELVES, but to figure that the Tiller episode would be a great time to introduce them is where PETA is making a mistake. There’s nothing the least bit contradictory about protecting animals and unborn HUMAN animals.

  3. I have been curious about where PETA stands on the issue of abortion, and if they are truly pro-life or only for animal rights. It seems as an extreme liberal organization that they are supporting the pro-choice side of the spectrum, but how contradictory is that? President Obama is for choice to terminate life of any baby at any time up until birth and even after if you believe what he said when he voted against the babys born alive statute in the IL state legislature. I actually agree with PETA on many animal rights issues and I live my life with a “no kill” philosophy, including human life. I am not happy that anyone would choose to terminate the life of G. Tiller, as I am devastated by the fact that he chose to terminate the life of so many innocent and unprotected human babies. None of this is right. PETA should take a pro life stance and live by it if they really believe in the right of all animals to live.

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