Friday Funny

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Just watched the movie “Swing Vote” (available for instant viewing on Netflix) which included this funny “pro-life” ad from the Democrat candidate after he found out that “Bud” was pro-life: Speaking of pro-life Democrats: recently nineteen Democrats warned Democrat leadership that they would oppose any bill that did not specifically exclude abortion funding. And, in the Senate Health, Education, Labor … Read More

What’s Next?

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The following video asks the logical question – if the murder of unborn children up to and including their very final stages of in-utero development remains legal, what will come next? Indeed some, like well respected and influential philosopher Peter Singer, already suggest that parents should have the right to decided within 28 days after birth whether they want to … Read More

Pray for our President and Pro-Life Pilgrims!

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Now more than ever our new president, officially sworn in yesterday, needs to be prayed for. All indications are that, with the cooperation of Congress, he will work to actively advance the culture of death in the American government beginning with, many believe, an order to abolish the Mexico City policy, thereby allowing U.S. foreign aide to be given to … Read More

Virtual Abortion Holocaust Memorial

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Georgia Right to Life has launched a virtual memorial wall to remember the almost 50 MILLION unborn children murdered since the legalization of abortion in America. It was inspired by the Vietnam Memorial which, with 58,000 names, is 500 feet long. According to this story, a similar wall displaying all of the abortion victim’s names would measure 81 miles in … Read More

The Root of the Abortion Problem

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In a letter to the editor last week an Our Sunday Visitor reader responds to a previous OSV article asking if American Catholics are suffering from a conscience formation deficit and no longer taking abortion seriously: The problem is that abortion is not the problem but the symptom. For several generations we have tolerated a culture where our sexual values … Read More

Fight ESCR Funding!

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While pro-lifers are busy fighting FOCA, we must also be fighting with equal enthusiasm the likely expansion of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research that will take place during the next administration. Not only is the research itself morally and ethically reprehensible, but expanding the amount of money taxpayers are already spending on this unethical research is fiscally irresponsible … Read More

Sex, Happiness, and the Presidential Election

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Christopher West has a great column up at the Theology of the Body Institute on Sex, Happiness and the Presidential Election: it seems to me that “what divides America” are two competing ideas of human happiness. Both have enormous and divergent personal, social, moral, cultural, economic, and political implications. And the pivot is what we do with the basic fact … Read More

Consider Your Eternal Salvation

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KC Bishop Robert Finn has some advice for Catholics who are considering a vote for Barack Obama. Listen: 08-11-03 Bp. Finn on voting pro-life [6:56m] – many thanks to Fr. Z for that one! Why not vote for Obama? This video has the most thorough explanation. It’s directed toward Catholics, but appropriate for all Christians and pro-lifers: See more: “The … Read More

Born Alive Babies Still Left to Die *Updated*

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This undercover video from Students for Life of America unveils that at least one clinic is still practicing induced labor abortions and letting the babies who survive the abortion attempt “eventually die,” presumably by not giving the helpless living human beings the medical care that they are entitled to. (h/t: Generations for Life) Let’s not forget what Barack Obama thinks … Read More

Judgment Day is on the Way

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This is an outstanding article from Bishop Hermann in St. Louis. They haven’t named a permanent replacement yet, but I think Hermann’s filling in quite nicely for Burke: Judgment Day is on its way. When my time comes, I will be measured by my Savior for the decisions I have made. I will either be acknowledged by Jesus or denied … Read More