Pray for our President and Pro-Life Pilgrims!

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    President Obama

Now more than ever our new president, officially sworn in yesterday, needs to be prayed for. All indications are that, with the cooperation of Congress, he will work to actively advance the culture of death in the American government beginning with, many believe, an order to abolish the Mexico City policy, thereby allowing U.S. foreign aide to be given to groups that lobby for more liberal abortion laws globally. According to LifeSiteNews, a source claimes that this order could coincide with the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade tomorrow when hundreds of thousands of pro-life pilgrims will be marching for life, for an end to abortion, in Washington D.C.

Albert Mohler offers this prayer for president Obama

Speaking of the March for Life; do keep our pro-life pilgrims in prayer – most of whom are traveling as we speak. Two buses from the Jefferson City, MO diocese where I’m from left around 7:30 last night and should get into D.C. sometime in the next few hours:

March for Life Bus
March for Life Bus

Prayer to St. Raphael for travelers:

St. Raphael, archangel, you protected young Tobiah as he journeyed to a distant land. Protect all travelers and most especially those who are going out to preach the Gospel. Guide and inspire modern apostles who use the communications media to bring the Good News of Christ to many souls. You also brought healing and joy to all you met. Help those who bring the Word of God to souls, that they may be as instruments in God’s Hands to draw many to lives of Christian holiness.

We ask this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

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