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This morning I was on the Mike Allen Show, talking with Mike about the upcoming 20th anniversary of St. John Paul II’s Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life) and the 10th anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s death, and the lessons both can teach us about human dignity and the sanctity of life. (My interview starts around […]

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Earlier today I was on Catholic radio in Lexington, KY, talking to Mike Allen of the Mike Allen Show about how John Paul II helped lay the foundation for building a culture of life. We didn’t have time to cover everything, but I think we managed hit on several important points. Click the play button […]

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I just got my order of these great prayer cards from Priests for Life. I think it’s a wonderful prayer, especially for those involved in 40 Days for Life. I’m going to be giving them out when our parish Gospel of Life Committee shows the movie Babies tomorrow night! St. Gerard is the patron saint […]

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I’m still bummed that I wasn’t able to attend the very first National Theology of the Body Congress last week. But I got lots of updates by following them on Twitter – mostly quotes from the different speakers throughout the three day event. By far, one of the best quotes I came across was from […]

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God bless our Knights of Columbus! Next weekend the KofC council from my parish will hold their annual Wal-Mart parking lot BBQ – the proceeds from which go to three pro-life organizations in our state, including one local crisis pregnancy center.

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Pope Benedict’s long awaited new encyclical is finally out! I’m with Thomas Peters on this one: Pope Benedict’s third encyclical is a mammoth work which will take some time to digest. The encyclical examines integral human development and the social doctrine of the Church which covers a wide range of issues. Since I haven’t had/taken […]

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The spousal language of the body, as explained in John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, is lived out in two specific vocations: Marriage and celibacy for the Kingdom. Here, in part of the Road to Cana DVD series the late and very blessed Fr. Richard Neuhaus beautifully explains the call to Marriage: Strong, healthy, […]

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Christopher West has a great column up at the Theology of the Body Institute on Sex, Happiness and the Presidential Election: it seems to me that “what divides America” are two competing ideas of human happiness. Both have enormous and divergent personal, social, moral, cultural, economic, and political implications. And the pivot is what we […]

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I will be heading to Kansas City today for two events featuring Christopher West and Theology of the Body. This has been a very important teaching for me and has helped evolve my thinking about how to build a culture of life. Encouraging respect for the life of the unborn is only part of it. […]

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Thanks to Paul at Alive and Young for linking to this great video by the Knights of Columbus about the vocation to Marriage. I had seen it on EWTN several months ago and it was apparently shown at the papal youth rally in Yonkers last weekend. In his address to the Bishops in Washington D.C. […]

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