TOB Tuesday: The Call to Marriage

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The spousal language of the body, as explained in John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, is lived out in two specific vocations: Marriage and celibacy for the Kingdom. Here, in part of the Road to Cana DVD series the late and very blessed Fr. Richard Neuhaus beautifully explains the call to Marriage:

Strong, healthy, Christ centered marriages are the foundation for building the culture of life. How well the world would be if every married coupled lived their vocation out in this way!

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Marriage is the closest and most intimate of human friendships. It involves the sharing of the whole of a person’s life with his/her spouse. Marriage calls for a mutual self-surrender so intimate and complete that spouses – without losing their individuality – become “one,” not only in body, but in soul.

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2 Comments on “TOB Tuesday: The Call to Marriage”

  1. I am reading “Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love: Practical Insights from John paul II’s Love and Responsibility” by Edward Sri. I highly recommend it. JPII’s insights into love are profound. In the deepest kind of married love, for instance, man and wife not only desire the good of their spouse, but they give themselves to the other toward that end. They do this by willingly giving up some of their freedom for the sake of their spouse. They are not impoverished by this, but enriched. Freedom is made for love.

  2. A very good clip. He really shines the light on the contrast between the way marriage is commonly approached in our society vs. the way it was meant to be approached.

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