Pro-Life T-Shirt Day

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MeYes, today was National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day and I didn’t get my shirt in the mail until I got off work this afternoon! I hope some of you were able to participate. I know that a few of our local Catholic schools did – not about any of the kids at the public schools.

In case you haven’t looked at the shirts and you can’t really see from my picture it is a 3-D ultrasound picture with the words “Fingers. Ears. Eyes.” across the top; “Nose. Hands. Heart.” at the bottom of the picture followed by “What part of ABORTION don’t you understand?” And today thousands of young people spread that message to thousands more across the nation.

National PL T-Shirt Day is the brainchild of Rock for Life and American Life League. Today they kicked off the T-shirt day with a press conference in TN during the Gospel Music Association’s 2007 Music Week and were later joined by some pro-life Christian music performers. In a press release, RFL president, Erik Whittington had this to say:

“There is no doubt that we are currently living in dark times. From the senseless murders at Virginia Tech to the fact that thousands of children are lost every single day to abortion in this country, the Culture of Death is certainly permeating our society. However, we do have reason to hope and that reason is our youth. Today’s young people are increasingly more pro-life and they will be the ones who bring the attacks against human life to an end.”

Please email me if you have pictures of you and/or your friends wearing your shirts out today and I will post them on the website!

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