Pics from the Fourth!

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Every year I help set up a pro-life table at our downtown 4th of July festivities with a woman from my parish and a number of the home schooled kids in my area. Everything worked out well this year, as it always does. Most of the visitors are attracted to the fetal development models and it is frequently pregnant women, people who know someone who is pregnant and parents showing their young children what they used to look like in the womb. Oh and the balloons and candy (we had lollipops and gum with precious feet on them) helped attract visitors also. Many people just like to look at the models, but we did give some good information away to those who needed to see it. We were set up downtown from about 11am to 7pm – two hours later than usual. Here are a few pictures (you probably can’t read it, but our t-shirts say “Take my hand not my life”):

set upMe and some of our home schooled volunteers More volunteers Helping some visitors

2 Comments on “Pics from the Fourth!”

  1. Chelsea,

    That is so cool!!! What a great idea and a great witness to those in your community – and on such an appropriate day… to bring awareness to the fact that sadly – all do not share the freedom that we all are entitled to.

    Way to go!

    St. Augustine, FL

  2. We have been doing it for a number of years. The most interesting year was when Planned Parenthood set up a table right across the street from us. They had up posters with a naked man and a naked woman, artfully done, of course, but it was still pretty obscene, especially for a family event. I don’t think they were very warmly received because we haven’t seen them since. We did share with them our pamphlet, “Why Do We Oppose Planned Parenthood”, which they did actually look through and a few of our volunteers went over to speak with them so it turned out to be a good opportunity for us to evangelize.

    Other groups do it at their own little town fairs and Missouri Right to Life does it at the State Fair. It’s a pretty easy thing to set up. Let me know if you are ever interested in doing something like that and I’ll give you some pointers.


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