Praying and Picketing at Planned Parenthood

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Here I am with the same group of kids that help me out downtown on the 4th of July. We went to Columbia, MO last Friday to picket the Planned Parenthood there. It’s something we used to do on a fairly regular basis, but haven’t in quite some time. We do hope to pick up the pace again in the future. This is one passionate and dedicated group of kids and I am privileged just to know them.

The PP we were at is the same PP I posted on last month which says that it will stop killing children once HB 1055 (the new law regulating abortion clinics) goes into effect on Aug. 28 – that’s in two weeks! We should probably all go up there on that day for prayer and thanksgiving! We will continue to show up there (and at the PP in our hometown, which does not do abortions) for picketing even after the 28th, however, because PP is still the largest abortion provider in the United States and their message of sex without consequence is polluting the moral fabric of this nation.

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