Hurray for Facebook Pro-Lifers

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One this is certain, pro-lifers know how to mobilize. The CBC launched the “Great Canadian Wish List” on Facebook to help celebrate Canada’s 140th birthday. The goal was for individuals and groups to make a wish for the future of the country and invite friends to join. To be clear, this was done as a contest, not a poll, that ended on Canada Day, yesterday. The winner: “Abolish Abortion in Canada” which right now has 9654 supporters – second place, naturally: “I Wish That Canada Would Remain Pro-Choice” with 8155 supporters. Rounding out the top five: “For a spiritual revival in our nation”, “Restore the Traditional Definition of Marriage” and “I wish tuition fees would be either lowered or eliminated”.

My favorite quote from that video comes from the girl in charge of the pro-choice wish who says, “I hate to think that anyone out there would think that the youth of Canada were only pro-life.” Gosh, that would be troubling, wouldn’t it? After all, this is what the generation before us fought for, right?

But youth everywhere are decidedly pro-life. All one needs for proof of that is to attend any given pro-life march, like the one in DC every January, and you will see that it’s crawling with youth from high schools, universities, even grade school youth groups. Every year I put together a pro-life display at our downtown 4th of July festivities and am accompanied all day by a group of about 10 home schooled youth in our area. This year some teens from our local Catholic high school will be helping out as well. Why are so many youth eager to stand up and fight for the rights of the unborn? Obviously they have a tremendous respect for all human life, but where does the zeal come from?

Consider this. Most of us who were conceived post Roe v. Wade realize that that any one of us could have suffered the same fate as that child being torn from its mother’s womb today. We were all conceived without a right to life, a right endowed to us by our Creator as it is enshrined in our Constitution, yet taken away by a handful of unelected judges. We’ve lost siblings, cousins, neighbors and schoolmates through the legally sanctioned murder of unborn children. One out of every three pregnancies ends in abortion, and it is the leading cause of death among African Americans. We’re fighting for the future of our generation. So we mobilize, we make our voices heard and we strive for a culture that accepts all human life.

You will not silence my message
You will not mock my God
You will stop killing my generation

~motto of Rock for Life

HT: The Dignity of Human Life

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