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11 months after it halted the trial the FDA has given the Geron Corp permission to go ahead with the world’s first human trial of a treatment derived from embryonic stem cells: The world’s first authorized test in people of a treatment derived from human embryonic stem cells has been cleared to begin by the […]

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It’s probably not a stretch to say that most people in our pill crazy society don’t know exactly how any one of their prescription drugs work. Here is a short version of the documentary 28 Days on the Pill highlighting how many people are uninformed about how hormonal contraceptives work: Not only does the pill […]

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Next Monday, HBO will air the documentary 12th and Delaware about an abortion clinic and pregnancy care center located directly across the street from each other in Fort Pierce, Florida: The film has already been shown at the Sundance and some other film festivals earlier this year. Anne Lotierzo, director of the Pregnancy Care Center […]

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This is just awesome!!! From the Jefferson City News Tribune: HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) — Army Capt. David Cooper was in Afghanistan when his daughter was born in Missouri. But thanks to technology, he was able to not only witness the birth but help coach his wife through labor. David and his wife Laurie used Skype […]

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Want a really “spiced up” sex life? Wait till you have a ring on your finger (wedding, not engagement) and invite God into your bedroom. It’s also much safer and healthier this way! —– I got this image from Robert Colquhoun’s blog Love Undefiled

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Jill Stanek’s most recent weekend question was that ever-popular pro-choice, knee-jerk reaction to pro-life opposition: “So…Are pro-lifers going to adopt all the unwanted babies?” One of Jill’s followers on Facebook had several great responses. This one was my favorite: Unwanted describes not the child but an attitude of some adults toward the child. The real […]

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The family is a community of persons and the smallest social unit. As such it is an institution fundamental to the life of every society. (JP II, Letter to Families, 17) Today is the feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne, wonderful patrons for all families! Parents of Mary, pray for all parents that they may […]

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This week is Natural Family Planning Awareness Week 2010! I’ve posted some of these videos before, but they never get old: This is only one of a seven part series of videos contrasting NFP and contraception. All the videos were directed, written, acted, and edited by Catholic seminarians at the Institute for Priestly Formation in […]

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It was such a pleasure to meet both Doug Barry and Fr. Mark Mary, hosts of Life on the Rock on EWTN, the other week. I did not know this, but Fr. Mark has a blog called Power & Witness and in his most recent post he mentions

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Ha! After this week’s post on manliness, I just couldn’t resist sharing this one. I found it via Joe Carter’s First Things post 50 Things a Man Should Be Able To Do Enjoy: How to give the perfect man hug from Charles Clayton on Vimeo. Narrator: “The modern world is a complex place for many […]

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