Soldier in Afghanistan Able to See Daughter’s Birth in Missouri!

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This is just awesome!!! From the Jefferson City News Tribune:

HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) — Army Capt. David Cooper was in Afghanistan when his daughter was born in Missouri. But thanks to technology, he was able to not only witness the birth but help coach his wife through labor.

David and his wife Laurie used Skype and, though they had some trouble connecting throughout the day, it worked perfectly for two hours before Charlotte Rose was born.

Laurie says she and hospital staff were able to see the sun come up in Afghanistan as the baby was being born just after dusk in Missouri.

Is that not the best advertisement for Skype or what? As military divorce rates rise due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, hopefully something like this can help to (at least somewhat) ease the stress on both the active-duty service members and their spouses.

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