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This is just awesome!!! From the Jefferson City News Tribune: HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) — Army Capt. David Cooper was in Afghanistan when his daughter was born in Missouri. But thanks to technology, he was able to not only witness the birth but help coach his wife through labor. David and his wife Laurie used Skype […]

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Thine Eyes is the first-ever pro-life documentary on the annual Washington DC March for Life. The high-definition film was shot on location by a six-camera crew to share the spirit of the January 22nd event, which marks the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision to override state abortion laws and mourns the more than […]

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Every year pro-life Missourians from across the state gather at the state capitol for a pro-life action/lobby day. This year’s action day is next Tuesday, March 10 (see flyer). Besides getting the opportunity for some face-to-face time with their legislators (if they’re actually in their office), action day participants also have the opportunity to hear […]

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I just got word from the filmmakers that the documentary “The Stem Cell Divide,” which I was a part of, will premier at the St. Louis International Film Festival on Sunday Nov. 16th, 2 p.m., at the Tivoli 1 Theatre. The movie documents the great stem cell debate that has been raging in Missouri over […]

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At one point in 2006 the Stowers Institute in KC promised to add hundreds of thousands of square feet to their research facilities if only Amendment 2 would pass and give Missouri researchers a constitutional right to clone and kill human embryos. Now almost two years have gone by, Amendment 2 has passed and two […]

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The Appeals Court has issued a ruling and it’s pretty bad if you ask me. I don’t have time to go into much detail but here is the story. Basically they changed one word in SOS Carnahan’s disgraceful ballot summary. It doesn’t really matter at this point anyway because it’s too late to try to […]

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The pro-cloning Stowers Institute has finally decided to proceed with a $25 million expansion in south Kansas City. But they are still holding off expanding a much larger campus for the institute because they are concerned that Missouri is still not “science friendly”, despite the fact that they succeeded in buying constitutional amendment protecting any […]

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Speaking of life sciences in Missouri. Recently KS and MO Governors got together for an economic development conference to discuss each state’s committment to life sciences in Kansas City. From the story: They focused on growth opportunities and the need to address serious challenges hindering advances in the life sciences, the development of a highly […]

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Thanks be to God! Just got word today that Judge Joyce upheld the Cures Without Cloning challenge to Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s inaccurate and blatantly biased ballot summary for a constitutional amendment to truly ban human cloning in Missouri. I am incredibly pleased and quite frankly surprised at the ruling. The revised ballot summary […]

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Several things to report from the Show Me State: First, Missouri may soon be offering “Choose Life” license plates after a federal court approved Choose Life of Missouri Inc.’s 2006 application for the specialty plate. It was previously rejected by a joint House and Senate Transportation Committee. This is great news! Not only are these […]

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