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This morning I was on the Mike Allen Show to talk about: Bristol Palin and the tricky pro-life tightrope, the bio-ethical implications of Justice Kennedy’s marriage opinion (in other words: “marriage equality” leads to “family equality” and more and more third party reproduction — #adultswin #childrenlose), and, finally, why “transability” isn’t as crazy as it used to be. Click […]

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Set your DVRs! The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist will be on the Oprah Winfrey Show for a second time next Tuesday, November 23 (h/t Aggie Catholics). See my post Oprah Schooled on Celibacy for my thoughts on when the sisters originally appeared on the show this February. These sisters are so […]

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In a report about how toxic chemicals possibly affect unborn children CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta truthfully describes the kind of place the womb is supposed to be for unborn children. Why do I have a feeling, however, that this report failed to mention that this ‘safe refuge’ is legally allowed to be penetrated and injected […]

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h/t Love Undefiled And check out: Advertising’s Image of Women (via The Great Deception)

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The writer/producer of The Butterfly Circus tells me that the film will be up for *over a year* to be enjoyed at http://www.thedoorpost.com… It is part of a film competition for The Doorpost Film Project which is a project designed to empower filmmakers who want to bring messages of hope to the world. This makes […]

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In light of the recent dust-up over an over-sexed Calvin Klein billboard recently displayed over a busy New York intersection, I thought I’d offer this article from Christopher West on Why Sex Sells. This isn’t the first time CK has come under fire for their advertising techniques. In the mid nineties the fashion company released […]

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I mentioned this movie several months ago and now it’s finally coming out on DVD – March 17. The trailer: The premise of this film – a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade (though in a “mock court” setting) – is a pro-lifers dream. Though an Obama presidency, even if only for four years, can […]

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I just checked out the St. Louis International Film Festival website and saw that the blurb for “The Stem Cell Divide” (that I wrote about here) is now up: The Stem Cell Divide Barbara Shuman, Jill Mogil & Sharon Pollack, U.S., 2008, 90 min. Sunday, Nov. 16, 2 p.m., Tivoli 1 “The Stem Cell Divide” […]

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I just got word from the filmmakers that the documentary “The Stem Cell Divide,” which I was a part of, will premier at the St. Louis International Film Festival on Sunday Nov. 16th, 2 p.m., at the Tivoli 1 Theatre. The movie documents the great stem cell debate that has been raging in Missouri over […]

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Well, that accusation hasn’t come out…yet. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it did. American politics, and the American media, has reached an all-time low with the ongoing smear campaign against Sarah Palin. Last week Vanity Fair published an “Authoritative Trig Palin Timeline” regarding the online rumors about Trig’s parentage. In it they juxtapose the […]

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