Obama: “I don’t have a litmus test… but…”

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As if there’s even a question about whether or not we will get a Roe v. Wade supporting Justice with Obama’s pick: Read: Gibbs Stumbles over Questions about Obama‚Äôs Non-Litmus Test Litmus Test for Supreme Court h/t Jill Stanek

Limbaugh Tells Hannity Life Issue “Very Very Important” When Considering Sotomayor

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I have to admit, I was very impressed with Rush Limbaugh last night when he told Sean Hannity: If, and I’m speaking for me personally, if i learned, if I can be assured that she is actually a pro-life person and does think that Roe vs. Wade is bad constitutional law and if she would rule on the right side … Read More

Come What May on DVD

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I mentioned this movie several months ago and now it’s finally coming out on DVD – March 17. The trailer: The premise of this film – a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade (though in a “mock court” setting) – is a pro-lifers dream. Though an Obama presidency, even if only for four years, can pretty well guarantee a Roe … Read More

“Come What May”

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This film from the Advent Film Group looks interesting. The synopsis: Caleb, a recent transfer to Patrick Henry College, teams up with Rachel to lead the college to the National Moot Court Championship. Along the way, he is caught in a moral tug-of-war between his parents – a newly Christian father, and a feminist Supreme Court attorney mother. As the … Read More

Supreme Court Hears Partial Birth Abortion Arguments

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If you haven’t already heard, the United States Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday about the federal partial-birth abortion ban. It is definetely a different court than the one that struck down the ban in Nebraska in 2000. Fr. Frank Pavone, from Priests for Life, was at the hearing yesterday and shares his reflections on the arguments: “This is not simply … Read More