Limbaugh Tells Hannity Life Issue “Very Very Important” When Considering Sotomayor

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I have to admit, I was very impressed with Rush Limbaugh last night when he told Sean Hannity:

If, and I’m speaking for me personally, if i learned, if I can be assured that she is actually a pro-life person and does think that Roe vs. Wade is bad constitutional law and if she would rule on the right side on the life issue, I might look past this racism. You can deal with that. But that’s something very very important to me and she could be stealth in that regard

See video below.

Now, I’m not saying that I necessarily think that that’s going to end up being the case here. But I wonder how many other mainstream conservative pundits who have been quick to condemn Sotomayor as a “liberal, racist, activist judge” have ever even stopped to at least ask the question: Where does she stand on the most important issue of our time and could a possible anti-Roe position (there’s some uncertainty here, at least) trump whatever other flaws she has?

I’m not completely confident that we will get a crystal clear answer on Sotomayor’s Roe position, unless she totally supports it, but kudos to Rush for at least asking the question and giving the issue of life some priority. Something we don’t often get from many of our more high-profile Republicans.

Read Rush’s comments from his show yesterday: What if Sotomayor is Pro-Life?

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