Supreme Court Hears Partial Birth Abortion Arguments

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If you haven’t already heard, the United States Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday about the federal partial-birth abortion ban. It is definetely a different court than the one that struck down the ban in Nebraska in 2000. Fr. Frank Pavone, from Priests for Life, was at the hearing yesterday and shares his reflections on the arguments:

“This is not simply about abortion. This is a hijacking of the delivery process for the purpose of killing the child. This is infanticide…Their key argument, after all, is that the procedure must be allowed for the sake of women’s health…In regard to safety, one of the key questions from Chief Justice Roberts was that if, as the abortionists claim, partial-birth abortion is safer because it requires fewer insertions of instruments into the woman’s body, why would it not then also follow that the safest method is live birth altogether, with the killing of the child outside the womb? The pro-abortion side did not have an answer to that specific question, which proves the point that Congress and the Bush Administration make, namely, that this procedure must be banned so that society has a clear barrier against infanticide.”

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