Every human life has value.

This film from the Advent Film Group looks interesting. The synopsis:

Caleb, a recent transfer to Patrick Henry College, teams up with Rachel to lead the college to the National Moot Court Championship. Along the way, he is caught in a moral tug-of-war between his parents – a newly Christian father, and a feminist Supreme Court attorney mother. As the PHC moot court team and the U.S. Supreme Court simultaneously grapple with legal cases involving abortion, Caleb clashes with his mother and his own conscience over difficult issues of truth and compromise in the intense world of college moot court.

The trailer:

With Obama as president, even if only for four years, you can pretty well bet that we’ll maintain a Roe favorable Supreme Court for the foreseeable future. But, how incredible would it be to see, even in a “mock court” setting, how the legal case against Roe might go down?

Come What May can be ordered on DVD from the Advent Film Group website

December 29th, 2008 at 10:19 pm
2 Responses to ““Come What May””
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    Bob Says:

    “Bella” was a wonderful pro-life movie. My wife and I loved it. Powerful.

    I felt “Juno” was pro-life, too, whether or not it was intended to be. It certainly struck me that way. Quirky, funny, multidimensional, well-acted — we enjoyed it.

    Sorry if you’ve already written about these movies; i just came across the blog today.

    Speaking of which — GREAT blog!

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    Chelsea Says:

    Thank you! I did many posts on Bella! Here is my review of the movie and the wonderful men who made it: http://reflectionsofaparalytic.com/?p=562