A Triumph of Truth and Justice!!

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nullThanks be to God! Just got word today that Judge Joyce upheld the Cures Without Cloning challenge to Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s inaccurate and blatantly biased ballot summary for a constitutional amendment to truly ban human cloning in Missouri. I am incredibly pleased and quite frankly surprised at the ruling. The revised ballot summary reads as follows:

    Should the Missouri Constitution be amended to change the definition of
    cloning and ban some of the research as approved by voters in
    November, 2006 by:
    • prohibiting human cloning that is conducted by creating a human
    embryo at any stage from the one-cell stage forward;
    • prohibiting expenditure of taxpayer dollars on research or
    experimentation on human cloning; and
    • allowing stem cell research for therapies and cures that complies
    with these prohibitions and the prohibitions of Section 38(d) of the

That is much closer to the purpose of the actual Amendment than Carnahan’s disgraceful language.

So it looks like some hard work is ahead of us now if we are to have any hope of getting this on the ballot in November, the process has been delayed for far too long already. Of course, the opposition will likely appeal in an effort to halt any progress we hope to make in gathering signatures. No matter, for now we can at least be grateful that justice has been served.

Please keep us in your prayers as we try to finally ban all human cloning in our state and seek to focus on more ethical and effective areas of scientific research!

Read the Judge’s final judgement.

BTW: it turns out that this is the second ballot summary written by SOS Carnahan to be overturned this year.

5 Comments on “A Triumph of Truth and Justice!!”

  1. It is excellent to see that that misleading ballot summary was overturned and replaced with one that actually describes the proposed amendment. Judge Joyce’s ruling is a victory for the democratic process.

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