Thine Eyes

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Thine Eyes is the first-ever pro-life documentary on the annual Washington DC March for Life. The high-definition film was shot on location by a six-camera crew to share the spirit of the January 22nd event, which marks the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision to override state abortion laws and mourns the more than 50 million unborn Americans who have died as a result.

“Life is the great civil rights issue of our day,” said Jack Cashill, producer of Thine Eyes: A Witness to the March for Life. “America’s mainstream media consciously suppresses this cause.”

Thine Eyes

The 36th annual March for Life in Washington DC boasted of record attendance, some 300,000 people, yet the event made headlines virtually nowhere. Painfully few in the major media paid any real attention to the March for Life this year despite the event’s massive size and obvious relevance. The Obama administration’s promise to expand the abortion franchise has energized the pro-life movement nationwide and prompted the record turnout.

“Cashill, together with Michael Wunsch and actress, Jennifer O’Neill, have created a masterful depiction of the prolife cause’s biggest and most consistent event,” says executive producer, Steve Sanborn. “It’s what the world never gets to see – normal everyday Americans in massive numbers who believe the world can do better than abortion.”

“The history of America is a history of expanding the family of those whose worth we take seriously,” said Cashill. “The Obama inauguration offers us your classic ‘teachable moment.’ Thine Eyes will make the lesson obvious and even entertaining.”

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**For my fellow Missourians: Missouri Right to Life and Missouri Life Caravan will sponsor a screening of the film, open to the general public, in St. Louis on Thursday, May 28 at 7 pm at CBC High School, Ross Hall, at 1850 De La Salle Drive (N. Outer 40 Drive) at the intersection of Highways 270 and 64. Supporters are asked to visit for more information.

For further information, call Maggie Bick at (314) 662-1989

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  1. We hope to bring “Thine Eyes” to Maryville, Missouri in the fall with a showing at the local movie theater. I pray it converts hearts and minds to the cause of life.

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