HBO to Air Abortion Documentary

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Next Monday, HBO will air the documentary 12th and Delaware about an abortion clinic and pregnancy care center located directly across the street from each other in Fort Pierce, Florida:

The film has already been shown at the Sundance and some other film festivals earlier this year. Anne Lotierzo, director of the Pregnancy Care Center featured in the film, was able to see it and, not surprisingly, she’s not exactly pleased with the way things turned out. In a few videos here, she talks to Fr. Tom Euteneuer about how the filmmakers were…less than honest about their intentions for documenting the CPC and how they were unfairly portrayed in some parts. One review in the Hollywood Reporter says that the film is relatively objective, but ads that, “[t]here’s little doubt here that the filmmakers’ sympathies lie with defenders of abortion rights.”

I know I certainly do not have very high expectations for a truly “fair and balanced” documentary. Nevertheless, I suppose I am glad to see that there is still some public interest in both sides of the abortion debate. When over 1 MILLION unborn children killed in the U.S. every year, the last thing we need is for the issue of abortion to slip into obscurity.

5 Comments on “HBO to Air Abortion Documentary”

  1. Actually, the directot brought one version of the film to Florida to show me, and would now allow any of my staff, or board of directors a chance to see it. When Father Tom and I did see it later on, (at the Maryland FIlm Festival in May), we remarked not only on the clever editing and orchestrated scenes, but also on the changes that had taken place from the original version they showed me in January.
    Deceit remains the foundation of the abortion industry – and all its minions.

    Thanks for posting the videos, and your comments.

  2. Anne – thanks for the clarification! I’ll fix that. And thank you for the great work you do helping to save women and babies!


  3. God bless you for all you do for the rights of the unborn. My father refused to guard an abortion clinic and, like you, has suffered tremendously for his actions. You are both heroes for this abomination taking place every day and taking the lives of millions of unborn babies. Thank you immensely for all that you do!

  4. I have to ask if there was any response from Ms. Lotierzo concerning the section of the film in which she advises an abused woman to keep her baby and furthermore, suggests the baby may change the abusive fathers ways.
    Is Ms. Lotierzo aware that men who abuse their spouses, more often than not, abuse their children. Children who grow up to often, sadly, continue the cycle of abuse. Pro Life, I understand. Saving the child, I understand. Blatant lack of regard for the concerns of this woman and the abuse she is enduring and the abuse the unborn child may endure is unacceptable.

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