Margaret Sanger’s Dreams Coming True

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In response to the recent news about a couple who had the misfortune of having the “wrong twin” aborted, the Vatican blamed the “culture of perfection” resembling Nazi eugenics. This most certainly is the case when you consider that the “right twin” scheduled for execution was the one diagnosed with Down Syndrome after an amniocentesis test. This child was subsequently … Read More

What’s Wrong with ESCR and Right about ASCR: a Summary

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At the conclusion of his article, The Dark Door of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, for the Conservative Voice, Kevin Roeten provides a to-the-point summary of what is wrong with research on human embryos and right about research using adult stem cells: ESCR is believed to be a human ‘suffering’ savior, even though it causes tumors, likely immunogenic (rejected after implantation), … Read More

Why I Can’t Support Gov. Blunt

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Blunt won’t support SCNT ban Gov. Matt Blunt said today that he won’t support a new initiative push to ban human cloning – a measure that would also outlaw somatic cell nuclear transfer. “I think my position on this issue is well known,” Blunt said. “My position on what sort of scientific research should occur in this state is well-known. … Read More

Temporary Success for PP in MO

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Today a federal judge agreed to temporarily block the passage of Missouri’s new law regulating abortions that was supposed to go in effect Tuesday. Now there will be a Sept. 10 hearing to determine whether or not to permanently block the law. Planned Parenthood claims that this new law, which raises to a status of an ambulatory surgical center any … Read More

Let The Games Begin

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I am now trained to gather signatures for the initiative petition to ban human cloning in Missouri. If any of you are fellow Missourians (or know some) and are interested in helping out by gathering signatures in your own church or area email me, or contact Missouri Right to Life or Cures Without Cloning for information. There are a number … Read More

Back Home in MO

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I made it home safely after a most excellent visit to SW Florida and boy has the Show-Me State been busy in my absence! I was able to report the other day about the announcement of a state constitutional amendment for the 2008 ballot which would prohibit human cloning in the state. With headlines like, Group wants to outlaw form … Read More

Banning Cloning in Missouri!

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I told you it was coming and now it’s finally underway! The petition to prohibit human cloning in the state of Missouri has officially been launched today. Dr. Lori Buffa, of St. Peters, Missouri, who serves as chair of the coalition Cures Without Cloning, filed proposed ballot language with the Secretary of State’s office this morning. The coalition seeks to … Read More

Abortion Support Losing Ground?

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A spoke previously about post Roe policy and pro-choice Anna Quindlen’s Newsweek article, How Much Jail Time?. In his August 15 op-ed for the West Branch Times, Gregory R. Norfleet reflects on that column and the pro-choicers’ ultimatum for pro-lifers: either throw women and jail for having abortions or keep abortion legal: Quindlen’s column seems to imply that she’s getting … Read More

Harry Potter, Magic and Contraception

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As a Harry Potter fan, I love this article by Catholic columnist Matt C. Abbott (via MICH News) about Harry Potter and the historical link between witchcraft and contraception: In contrast to this historical sorcery and witchcraft, most of the characters in Harry Potter appear to follow the natural law in terms of marriage, family, and those rights and obligations … Read More

Greetings From Naples!!

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I know I kind of disappeared for a while there. It was a pretty crazy week at home. My baby sister went away to school and I was playing musical dressers and packing. So now I’m here in Naples (Florida) for a few days visiting some friends. Besides going to the beach I hope to take a trip out to … Read More