Margaret Sanger’s Dreams Coming True

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christinaayers.jpgIn response to the recent news about a couple who had the misfortune of having the “wrong twin” aborted, the Vatican blamed the “culture of perfection” resembling Nazi eugenics. This most certainly is the case when you consider that the “right twin” scheduled for execution was the one diagnosed with Down Syndrome after an amniocentesis test. This child was subsequently also killed after the mistaken execution of its healthy sibling. The parents are “truly desperate over this terrible mistake” and, according to the mother, “Neither my husband nor I can sleep at night.” Without wishing to cast judgment upon the two, I just wonder if they would have felt the same desperation if only the “unhealthy” twin had been aborted. Since they were reportedly happy about the prospect of having twins in the first place, I imagine they probably also would have also mourned, in some way, the loss of the disabled child. Regardless, the couple obviously believed, as much of our society does, that the life of a child with Down Syndrome is less valuable than that of a “healthy” child and not worthy to be lived.

This way of thinking, that only certain individuals have life worthy of life and others should not be allowed to be born, was the vision of the early abortion movement. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, wrote extensively on the unworthiness of imbiciles, the handicapped, the poor and other undesirables like the black population, to procreate or be born. When you consider that abortion is the leading cause of death in the African American community, roughly 80-90% of unborn children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted, and doctors and OBGYN’s are pushing for mandatory pre-natal/embryo screening for birth defects, it seems that Margaret Sanger’s dreams might be coming true.

By Margaret Sanger:
The Pivot of Civilization

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