Lives Not Worth Living, Take II

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christinaayers.jpgIt seems that both American and Canadian OB-GYN doctors have agreed that all pregnant women not just those over 35, should screen for Down Syndrome. On the outside this seems reasonable, I mean many women already find out whether their child is male or female prior to birth, so what’s wrong with testing to see if that child will also be born with some disease?

The problem is that we live in a country that allows abortion – for any reason at any point during a pregnancy, even up to the day of birth. We also live in a country that is so afraid of sickness and suffering that we consider it “compassionate” to starve severely disabled people to death rather than have to care for them and watch them suffer.

Gynecologists recommend this screening for the sole purpose of giving women a chance to terminate the life of her unborn child if it is at risk of having down syndrome. The logic of these “doctors” is just sickening. The executive VP of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada remarked, “Yes, it’s going to lead to more termination, but it’s going to be fair to these women who are 24 who say, ‘How come I have to raise an infant with Down’s syndrome, whereas my cousin who was 35 didn’t have to?’” The women may not even have to get an abortion, however, because some of the procedures they use to screen for DS could result in “pregnancy loss” – an acceptable risk, according to the former chairman of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, since a miscarriage is “not as problematic as the birth of a Down syndrome child.”

It looks like Margaret Sanger’s dreams are finally coming true. By screening for diseases inside the womb to give women the option of terminating the life of her possibly disease stricken child, we are inching our way toward realizing Margaret’s vision of creating a “race of thoroughbreds” through contraception and abortion.

More info: Guide to Clinical Preventive Services

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