Let The Games Begin

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I am now trained to gather signatures for the initiative petition to ban human cloning in Missouri. If any of you are fellow Missourians (or know some) and are interested in helping out by gathering signatures in your own church or area email me, or contact Missouri Right to Life or Cures Without Cloning for information. There are a number of people ready to train petitioners all over the state so we’re ready as soon as the ballot language is approved – we’ve got roughly 30 to 60 days before that happens.

We’re fired up and ready to fight this important battle to preserve the sanctity of human life in our state!

3 Comments on “Let The Games Begin”

  1. Hi Chelsea. Thank you so much for your note on my blog letting me know that you’ve raised my concerns about the amendment language. And reading your blog makes me feel a lot better about the motives of Cures Without Cloning, if they have people like you working with them. Please stay on them about keeping the language that prohibits creating embryos that are not the natural product of a man and a woman’s genes. It can’t just say “human sperm” (or “human egg”) like the current language does, since that could mean it’s genetically engineered, but still be considered “human” – it has to be “of a man” – meaning, it’s a man and a woman’s natural unadulterated genes) – Actually the best law would make it a crime for anything but a marriage to intentionally create an embryo, using their own gametes, but that would ruffle too many feathers.

    Take care, thanks for brightening my day

  2. I meant the currently proposed language, which doesn’t specify “of a man” or “of a woman”. And if they could stick in “living man” and “living woman” that would be good, though I do have sympathy for wives of soldiers killed in Iraq wanting to still have their husband’s baby using his frozen sperm, I think it is a bad idea and we should find the heart to tell them “no”.

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