Every human life has value.

At the conclusion of his article, The Dark Door of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, for the Conservative Voice, Kevin Roeten provides a to-the-point summary of what is wrong with research on human embryos and right about research using adult stem cells:

ESCR is believed to be a human ‘suffering’ savior, even though it causes tumors, likely immunogenic (rejected after implantation), adds additional weight to the budget deficit, has zero successful attempts, and has is likely of destroying life at its initial stages. ASCR, on the other hand, has successfully treated almost 100 illnesses, is not immunogenic in any case, and is completely ethical in that it never destroys a life. The choice seems like a “no-brainer”. It almost sounds as if emotionalism has trumped those espousing ESCR, and rendered them without any judgmental ability.

August 30th, 2007 at 2:12 pm