The Best of the Web this Week: Stem Cell Research

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There were many good articles this week regarding the current state of stem cell research in light of the recent stem cell breakthrough and announcement by Dolly cloner Ian Willmut. Colleen Carroll Campbell: Breakthrough signals a path to ethical cures Charles Krauthammer: Stem Cell Vindication Ramesh Ponnuru: Sharon Begley on Stem Cells – exposing media hypocrisy on stem cell research … Read More

Thank God For Rush Limbaugh

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In light of the recent stem cell news, Kathryn Jean Lopez has an article not to be missed: The Vindication of Rush H. Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh has been a shining beacon of truth in the great stem cell debate and has done many of us a favor by publicly going where many fear to tread. When Michael J. Fox came … Read More

The Hits Just Keep on Comin

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Late last week cloning scientist Ian Willmut announced his decision to forgo further experimentation involving human cloning and embryonic stem cells not because of any moral objections, but for the very practical reason that such research is no longer necessary in light of advancements in ethical areas of stem cell research. Today the cloning/ESC research world was dealt another blow … Read More

Goodbye Dolly!

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The scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep has announced that he will no longer pursue a license to clone human embryos: Prof Wilmut, who works at Edinburgh University, believes a rival method pioneered in Japan* has better potential for making human embryonic cells which can be used to grow a patient’s own cells and tissues for a vast range of … Read More

Cloning Goes Bananas

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Scientists have allegedly been able to clone a number of monkey embryos and even extract embryonic stem cells from some of them. What I find particularly interesting upon browsing through various news articles is that there is no shortage of the words “cloning” or “embryo” – words typically avoided when talking about the same process using human cells. I’m not … Read More

MO Cloning Ban Update

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I haven’t heard much about the cloning ban lately until I got a few news alerts in my email today and yesterday. All of them come from the Pathway from the Missouri Baptist Convention: Article one: JEFFERSON CITY—The case of Cures Without Cloning (CWC) v. Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and Missouri State Auditor Susan Montee is likely to … Read More

Love the Suffering

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My post yesterday, and further reflection on the movie Bella, got me thinking about the importance of loving those who are suffering. How do we know the love of Christ on earth except through the love of others? Owe nothing to anyone, except to love one another; for the one who loves another has fulfilled the law. The commandments, “You … Read More

Reclaiming the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality

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Regarding the WHO abortion study that I mentioned in Wednesday’s post another conclusion that many come to upon seeing the numbers of abortions carried out world wide is that something must be done to prevent so many “unwanted pregnancies” in the first place. Now that is a rational conclusion. What is irrational, however, is the promotion of contraception as a … Read More

Some Objectivity from the KC Star?

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I wouldn’t exactly go that far, but another pro-cloning columnist, this time in the KC Star, agrees that the language approved by the Secretary of State on a ballot summary for a human cloning ban is “confusing” and “misleading.” The best part of the whole commentary is where he admits that Amendment 2 did not ban cloning and that its … Read More

More Missouri Manipulation

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Cathy Ruse takes on the KC Star and the St. Louis Post for their biased reporting about cloning and their defense of Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan’s disastrous and inaccurate ballot summary of the cloning ban. Wesley Smith does the same, offering some scientific and medical sources which all say SCNT is cloning. We can’t really expect much in the … Read More