Is Artificial Life in Our Future? Is it Ethical?

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Researchers at the J. Craig Venter Institute have developed the first living cell to be controlled entirely by synthetic DNA: The researchers copied an existing bacterial genome. They sequenced its genetic code and then used “synthesis machines” to chemically construct a copy. Dr. Venter told BBC News: “We’ve now been able to take our synthetic chromosome and transplant it into … Read More

Hands Off My Body!

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This pic goes well with the news that came out today about researchers in California who claim to have successfully cloned human embryos. So far no stem cells were derived from the embryos, but that is the idea for future cloned embryos. No one knows if those embryos were healthy enough to grow into babies. But the study leader, who … Read More

The Hits Just Keep on Comin

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Late last week cloning scientist Ian Willmut announced his decision to forgo further experimentation involving human cloning and embryonic stem cells not because of any moral objections, but for the very practical reason that such research is no longer necessary in light of advancements in ethical areas of stem cell research. Today the cloning/ESC research world was dealt another blow … Read More

Goodbye Dolly!

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The scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep has announced that he will no longer pursue a license to clone human embryos: Prof Wilmut, who works at Edinburgh University, believes a rival method pioneered in Japan* has better potential for making human embryonic cells which can be used to grow a patient’s own cells and tissues for a vast range of … Read More

Are Ethical Human ESCs Only Months Away?

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One Japanese genetics researcher seems to think so. Dr. Shinya Yamanaka thinks that it will be possible to make embryonic-like stem cells without embryos a readily available prototype within “six months to a year,” and “Within two to three years we may be able to create a stem cell that is indistinguishable from one taken from an embryo.” Well, that … Read More

Pro-Life Efforts Paying Off In Missouri

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During the campaign for Amendment 2 last year Missourians were promised that this constitutional amendment would attract swarms of so-called “top notch” researchers to our state because all forms of “life-saving” stem cell research (meaning cloning/ESC research) would be protected. The eventual passage of Amendment 2, however, did not stop pro-lifers in the state. A number of legislators tried to … Read More

Researchers Advance the Survival and Growth of Adult Stem Cells

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Science Daily — MIT researchers have developed a technique to encourage the survival and growth of adult stem cells, a step that could help realize the therapeutic potential of such cells. Here’s a statement you won’t see in any main stream news article: “Those [adult] stem cells hold great promise for treatment of injuries and some diseases.” That is from … Read More

Ethical Standards for Conducting Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Now there’s an oxymoron for you. The International Society for Stem Cell Research has come out with Guidelines for the Conduct of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research that specifies, “rigorous ethical standards for scientists working with human ESCs, and seek to promote responsible, transparent and uniform practices worldwide.” What they don’t appear to understand is that as long as they … Read More

Scientists and Experts: Amendment 2 = Constitutional Right for Cloning

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Thanks to the Catholic Knight I found this story on Life Site News about Scientists and Experts who all agree that Amendment 2 will povide a constitutional right to do human cloning. Here is a list of the signatories (click “continue reading” for the remainder of the list): Markus Grompe, M.D. Director, Oregon Stem Cell Center Professor, Department of Molecular … Read More