Thank God For Rush Limbaugh

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In light of the recent stem cell news, Kathryn Jean Lopez has an article not to be missed: The Vindication of Rush H. Limbaugh

El RushboRush Limbaugh has been a shining beacon of truth in the great stem cell debate and has done many of us a favor by publicly going where many fear to tread. When Michael J. Fox came out with that emotionally manipulative television ad last year supporting Claire McCaskill and Amendment 2, Rush didn’t miss a beat. He went after the deception and manipulation behind the ad and, more importantly, the use of the once unifying goal of curing disease for partisan politics as he said:

“One of the things I said that distressed me about this whole ad campaign was the fact that curing disease has traditionally been a bipartisan effort in this country, curing cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, any number of things.”

He systematically pointed out the lies of cloning supporters while also showing the benefits the ethical alternative:

“Not one disease has been impacted by embryonic-stem-cell research. Three pages of this, ladies and gentlemen. A total blank slate here, and these are all the diseases where adult stem cells have proven beneficial. You can see a blank slate versus the text: brain cancer, ovarian cancer, skin cancer, testicular cancer, tumors abdominal organs Lymphoma, lymphoma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, acute lymphoblastic leukemia. . . . That’s just some of the cancers adult stem cells are showing promise. Zip, zero, nada versus three pages of these things.”

All this while being vilified in the media as a heartless loudmouth who hates sick people. I truly believe that if Rush had not called attention to Amendment 2 and the deceitful Fox ad, the margin of victory would not have been so narrow.

The point in all of this is that, given yesterday’s news coupled with the ever growing list of adult stem cell successes – not to mention Ian Wilmut’s announcement to forgo cloning research and NJ voters rejection of a $450 million ESC research campaign – we should be confident in the real hope that non embryo destructive research provides and unafraid to resist and even challenge the emotional manipulation of cloning enthusiasts. This is about science and saving lives while also valuing the dignity of all human life.

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  1. I sent Lopez an angry e-mail a few months back when she wrote an opinion piece decrying the idea of women in combat — while having no problem, apparently, with MEN getting shot at and shot up. (I really don’t care if someone is for or against the war, so long as they don’t adopt the “chivalry” mentality that one group of people should be protected at all costs, while another group is expendable.) But I will say that Lopez has been very good and diligent on the stem-cell issues.

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